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Cleaning after-construction works professionally, modern technology, dedicated and enthusiastic staff

Dawn Briscoe (2019-05-26)

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Delete word work after construction is regarded as a very urgent job for the final level to complete to hands over to the property owner and speculation owner. During the construction phase, spots, paint stains, chemicals... cling to the wall, on the glass, on to the floor or the adhesive tape safeguard when the construction is left is inevitable.

Arriving from a strong country like Japan, AEon Pleasure Vietnam understands the value for cleaning the building after completing the installation and installation of the system.

How come the post-construction cleaning service of AEon Satisfaction Vietnam necessary:

- A project before completion: popularity testing should be cleansed, removing leftover items during construction phase, service office of AEon Delight Vietnam checks, classifies and deals with redundant parts. this.

- Some construction errors make the powder, paint, and pool scattered on the stone floor, they should be cleaned and scrubbed.

- Vacuum and clean your goblet door.
Professional after-construction cleaning services.

Professional after-construction cleaning services.
Cleaning services Post-construction works of AEon Pleasure Vietnam:

- Tidy up development waste after the task has been completed. These kinds of materials are scanned, loaded into bags, boxes or disposed of at the designated places.

- Analysis sanitation of electrical systems, plumbing, limit congestion at the use of the landlord.

- Clean and vacuum, make room air in the room before the project is passed over, giving the owner living and working.

- Clean the stone floor, rub the floor, gloss the door edges and partitions.

- Sanitation Method The project contains two basic steps: Element of fine and rough part.
Post-Construction Cleaning: Raw Portion

Since a basic step before conducting professional cleaning, it will always be necessary to clean the raw materials, this can be a squander of the construction period left behind after they leave house. AEon Pleasure Vietnam will classify as required by the property owner, pack and store the required equipment, and eliminate waste.
Post-Construction Cleaning: Component Tinh

After cleaning the raw part, fine cleaning is an important order, bringing the finishing work to the Building.
Washing After Construction: cleaning a glass

- Use clean chemicals, mop and rags, cup wiper, specialized wiper Value to clean dust and ve sinh cong trinh xay dung uy tin unsightly stains such as cement, color adhering to the outside surfaces of glass and aluminum.

- Using specific chemicals with the feature of cleaning grease-based dirt and grime due to dust, car exhaust, rain water, long lasting environmental pollution. Using particular chemicals and glass baby wipes that make it clean in the glass surface, and at the same time neutralize PH attention on the glass surface, aluminum frame.

- Work with of specialized chemicals to wipe all aluminum structures with features of cleaning, shading and protection on aluminum surfaces, anti-dust, anti-oxidation.

- Using a move or scaffolding set specifically to clean the wine glass above and outside (depending on the terrain and scale of the project).
Cleaning the building after construction: cleaning the bathroom area

- Use a dry towel to cover stainless steel devices to avoid being stained and stained by water unsightly stains (if new).

- Working with floor-hitting machines, floor tooth brushes make the dirty writing on to the floor and walls glazed.

- Use reed and chemicals with the impact of cleaning the surface.

- Use soft believed and chemicals to clean the lighting system and sanitary items: Toilets, revolver, mirrors, hand sinks, partitioning, bath towel, soap shelving, front glass and wooden shutters behind...

- Use wine glass to clean and reflect glass.

- Wipe the device of doors and glass windows.

- Dry furniture, hygienic items after cleaning.
Health After construction: floor surface - floor cleaning

- Inside the construction level, floors are usually difficult to clean by a whole lot of chemicals and solidifying impurities. AEon Delight Vietnam's post-construction cleaning service will clean the floor surface, especially stone floors or light-colored tiles.

- Make use of a vacuum cleaner to completely clean dust on the floor surface.

- Use specific chemicals to spread equally on stone floor surface for about 10-15 minutes to dislodge hardened spots on the floor.

- Using scrubbing machine & tray brush + Protect evenly rubbed on the floor surface to help make the dirt difficult to clean on the ground.

- Using professional water vacuum cleaners to absorb all the harmful chemicals plus chemicals on the floor surface.

- Using specialized tools + chemicals to clean in the foot of the wall but the machine does not age.

- Using equipment and particular means to dry the ground surface.
AEon Joy Vietnam Work Order

-Receive and respond to necessary information on sanitation services from the project owner.

- Bringing employees to zoning and practice, pre-acceptance test before starting work.

- Submit quotes according to the services provided.

- Sign contracts, assign employees to work as required by the college.

- Employees come to work.

- Handover and popularity of results to the owner.

However, AEon Pleasure Vietnam also provides and supports services that occur as required. honest

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