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دانلود فیلم مفت آباد

Lorie McQuiston (2019-06-21)

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Moftabad is the first feature film of Pejman Timor-taih, دانلود فیلم مفت آباد a long-feature film that has already been featured in a few short films and several books have been published. This film has been featured in art and experience cinemas and is a narrative of a few young people who are in the midst of the problems of today's society. Selection of Arzmand for Irāj's role, Sajjad Afsharian for the role of Rasoul, Faezeh Alavi for the role of addict and Amin Esfandiar in the role of Iraj's brother was a clever choice where the powerful cast of actors also complemented these choices right to see the performance of a meaningful and powerful acting group. Which is one of the strengths of the film and has been able to stick with the strong text from the winners' list.

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