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Event Organization

Brodie Pettey (2019-06-24)

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Organized = Success
by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

D9ycssBVAAElWBP.jpg%5CA successful party is measured differently by each person. Whether you are having a large party or a small party, an extravagant party or a casual party, the most important ingredient that is needed to make a party a success is ORGANIZATION!

The smoothest and most seemingly simple parties are that way because the hostess had major organizational skills. Being organized can be easy with these simple tips:

* Write a check list for everything. A guest list, a food list, a list of where the decorations go, a shopping list for groceries, a shopping list for decorations, a list of the help including cater, 바카라 venue, and character with their phone numbers and a thank you note list.

* Do ahead of time as much preparation as possible. Plan out when you would go shopping, prepare some of the food, and setup the decorations. Layout the serving bowls with tags on them identifying which food goes on which plate. On the day of the event only do the tasks that ABSOLUTELY could not have been done on a previous day.

* Delegate as much of the tasks for during the party as possible. Assign someone to be in charge of the music, the video camera, still camera, activity director, etc. Do NOT give yourself any assigned task. You must oversee the event and help out with any problems that may arise.

Have fun at your party and so will the guests!

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