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WRUP: Let's just jump on the trampoline edition

Jasmin Charley (2019-07-01)

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-text c-gray-1" >In life, it's important to remember the simple pleasures... such as the joy to be found in just bouncing on a trampoline without any regard for how ridiculous you look. I mean, seriously, you look like an absolute joke up there. What, are you seven? Never mind, get off the trampoline, I'm ashamed for both of us. We're going to sit down and have an adult discussion about gender issues instead. No, you may not use the trampoline after we're done.

Well, all right, we don't need to have a serious discussion on gender issues here. Those things take forever and someone always winds up jumping in with a snarky comment. But we had our own little discussion about women in MMOs complete with snarky comments for this week's WRUP, conveniently found just behind the cut! So take a look and let us know in the comments field what you'll be doing this weekend. (And no, it will not be jumping on the trampoline. Because I said no.)

Beau Hindman (@Beau_Hindman): I will be playing quite a few titles again, but my wrists are straining from all of the grinders I have been looking into. I'm going retro a bit with Istaria, Dark Age of Camelot and probably a bit of EverQuest. Sounds fun!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna): It's City of Heroes for me this weekend, and I did the unthinkable... I flipped on my World of Warcraft account to prepare for some important thing coming up next month. Dunno what that could be.

So long as I get to decide whether my character looks like a vixen or a nun, and so long as male toons are precisely as buff and scantily clad as the ladies, you won't hear me complaining. (When that happens, let me know.) Honestly, disregarding the occasional exception, MMOs are some of the most gender-neutral games around; they're a relatively good influence on this otherwise mostly male hobby. We're getting there.

Eliot Lefebvre: I'm down for solid dose of playing Final Fantasy XIV and City of Heroes in between trips to my favorite island destination, Drinking Island. I am hoping to keep them from overlapping too heavily, but I make no promises. It has been a very rough week.

I'm going to have to largely echo Bree's sentiments, with the caveat that every so often you wind up with a game with a fundamentally broken attitude about the whole issue. Categorically, as long as the options are equally balanced for both genders, I have no problems. There are games that manage this better than others, and there are some games whose attitudes are just... insulting. MMOs are probably the furthest along in gender equality, but we're not quite there yet.

Greg Waller: I intend to play Warhammer this weekend, although I might take a break and finish up my Vanguard in Mass Effect 2. I haven't really decided. As for the portrayal of women in video games and MMOs specifically, I don't really see anything wrong with it. Sure, some of the outfits are a little more revealing than others, but let's be honest here: There are just as many respectful and demure outfits. Also, I'm not sure if MMOs as an entertainment genre really crosses the line any more than mainstream media, such as television and movies.

Jef Reahard: Not a lot of playtime for me this weekend, but what little there is will go to Age of Conan and Global Agenda. As for the women in gaming thing, it's a tiresome example of political correctness run amok (with a side helping of effortless blog traffic). There are so many actual issues to be up in arms about in modern day society that I facepalm whenever the topic rears its silly head. The women I game with routinely choose the sexiest outfits as long as they don't gimp their statistics, so I guess they're all dateless basement dwellers according to the target audience stereotype. The whole affair gets a big fat /rolleyes from me.

Karen Bryan: I'll be playing EverQuest II along with some Free Realms with the kids. (You'll probably see the same answer from me every week, for better or worse)

As for the way females are portrayed in game, I think it's a bit of a non-issue. Players learn early on that "hot gamer chick" might not even be played by a "chick," let alone a "hot" one. And those who don't, usually learn the hard way. In fact, I think virtual worlds are as close to being a gender utopia as we'll ever see.

Krystalle Voecks (@Krystalle): I'll be spending what time I have to game in EVE Online this weekend. I'm hoping to get a chance to do some planetary interaction, check out some EVE podcasts since I've been gone for a while, and finish carting all my stuff to my new home stations. Beyond that, I'll be at the theater as stage manager or celebrating my other half's birthday on Sunday with friends and family.

As for women in games, I could do without TERA's broken-back tippy-toed up-skirt female run, which (coupled with some particularly charming PR rep commentary at Gamescom) has ensured I won't ever touch it. Most of the time it doesn't bug me, but that one sinks to a whole new level of "...really? If you cherished this posting and you would like to get far more facts with regards to to promote an active lifestyle for children with nurturing the inner kindly check out our internet site. "

Patrick Mackey: I'm playing some Champions Online this week, catching up with doing Demonflame on Live. I got bit by the Oblivion bug again, and now my browser window is full of quest mods to try out. I will inevitably also play some World of Tanks, even though I'm infuriated by one of the newer maps.

I'm sort of torn on the portrayal of women in MMORPGs. I feel that, in general, it should be empowering for women to play beautiful characters, so as a rule I think that having a sort of idealized female appearance isn't a bad thing, especially in games without customizable body types. I do feel that there should be more options for character looks. Not everyone wants to create a heavily sexualized female character, but there are people who do (even women) and the option should be there. I just think that forcing ladies into it is probably a bad thing. In the end though, I think that if it appeals to the target demographic, game makers should go for the look that draws in the most customers. Money talks, and if customers are more willing to pay to look at sexy female models, that's what publishers should probably do.
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