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6 Exotic Wedding Flowers From Which to Choose for Your Memorable Wedding

Isidra Rubio (2019-07-06)

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For the bride who's searching for something a little different on her wedding celebration I wanted to talk about some alternative wedding flower arrangement ideas with the use of exotic wedding flowers.
With the exception of orchids and calla lilies, exotic flowers are not popular generally in most traditional weddings, but for the girlfriend who wants an extremely different look for her wedding day, exotic wedding flowers could be a great choice.
Since exotic flowers aren't used as frequently as other flowers, most of the people have no idea much about them. Names, colors, care, or the best way to design using them is a lot more of your challenge. Exotic flowers perform best when employed in hawaiian isle or beach themed wedding.
The colors are bright starting from white to deep reds and oranges. The textures range from velvety with a thick waxy look. The overall shapes are large ovals to long stems with petals separating at odd angles across the stem resembling lobster claws.
Most in the foliage can have deep splits over the leaves or tall spikes and can be harnessed for a focal leaf instead with the actual flower.
1) Anthurium- Anthurium is one with the more popular tropical flowers with colorful waxy heart shape blooms. It is also smaller along with a lighter weight when compared to the heavy stems of ginger or bird of paradise. It is often used as boutonnieres, corsages, and hair flowers. Bridal bouquets fashioned with anthurium flowers make a lovely display whether used alone or with exotic flowers.
Anthurium flowers can be purchased in deep purple, orange, peach, pink with green edges, cream, white, pistachio, lavender, burgundy, and white with green edges and lots of other similar combinations. These flowers can last about six weeks after being cut in order that they make excellent wedding flowers.
2) Birds of Paradise- Bird of Paradise is one in the most colorful flowers available. It resembles a bird flying with leaves that resemble small banana leaves. A series of green, red and purplish canoe like structures called bracts form each flower with three orange sepals and three vivid blue petals. Two petals are joined together resembling an arrowhead having a third petal forming a nectary (nectar forming organ) in the base in the flower.
The flowers possess a long, slender, and intensely sturdy stem and search best in tall vases. The flowers are so showy a good small grouping of three flowers will make an impressive display.
3) Calla Lily- Calla lilies are often useful for weddings. They have magnificent long stems with flowers including pure white to orange, purple, yellow, and pink. The stems are 1 to 3 feet long with flowers resembling an arrowhead.
The most favored design for calla lily bouquets is really a pageant or arm bouquet. It is graceful which enable it to be generated from just one stem or by grouping 5 - 7 stems. A wide satin ribbon could be wrapped around the stems and secured having a row of pearl corsage pins. Smaller calla lilies make beautiful boutonnieres and corsages.
Tall cylinder vases of calla lilies make awesome centerpieces. The green variations of the thick stems are beautiful in clear vases with a few pebbles within the base.
4) Ginger- Ginger is a trusted tropical flower that ranges in colors from lavender and bright red to white with pink tips. The stems are long, sturdy and thick and in addition look best in tall heavy vases as centerpieces. The flowers can be separated and found in Hawaiian leis.
Ginger root is available in supermarkets and it is used as being a spice, in making tea for medicinal use along with oriental cuisine. It is also employed in perfume, soothing balms, candles, soaps, and lotions or candied for the sweet treat.
5) Heliconia- This is an incredibly showy large flower with thick heavy stems. The flowers resemble lobster claws and toko bunga daerah jogja also the flowers are designed on long, erect or drooping panicles. The color range is bright orange, fushia, and deep red. Again, they look finest in large heavy vases or even in huge arrangements with tropical flowers.
6) Orchids- Three in the most popular orchids for floral design are Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, and Oncidium. They range in color from pale green, white, pin, yellow, lavender, red, and multi colors.
The long stems with multiple flowers in many cases are found in bridal bouquets and stylish arrangements. Individual flowers could be cut from the stem and used in your hair, boutonniere and corsages. Although this is an exotic flower, it is often employed in classical arrangements also. It has an elegant look and if often combined with roses along with other traditional flowers.
Expand your opinions to incorporate a touch with the exotic for the wedding. Even the non-traditional might be romantic, sophisticated, and tasteful. Exotic wedding flowers certainly are a wonderful option for that delightfully different wedding.

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