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What is a Swedish massage

Fred Fadden (2019-07-06)

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It is called Swedish Massage because this general type of massage was begun in Sweden.

A swedish massage is the most common massage. It is what you typically get to relax.

What is a deep Swedish massage?
Swedish massage is the most common type of Massage.

share: What is the definition of Swedish massage?
A body massage done in the Swedish style.

share: What is oil massage?
It can be either a Swedish massage or an Ayurvedic massage.

share: Who should not have Swedish massage?
Swedish massage should not be given to patients with the following physical disorders or conditions:

share: Calf craping after a Swedish massage?
If your calf begins crapping after a swedish massage--or at anytime--it's very, very important!

share: What is the difference in Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage or Swedish Massage?
Price. Elemis is a luxury British spa and skincare brand used during the massage. Swedish massage is a generic description of a type of deep-tissue massage.

share: What is a Swedish relaxtion?
I have lived in Sweden for almost 40 years and never heard of "Swedish relaxtion". "Swedish massage" on the other hand is quite frequent and involves massage of the muscles.

share: What is a German massage?
German Massage combines Swedish massage techniques with baths or Hydrotherapy. Simply put it combines the Swedish movement and emphasizes the use of various therapeutic baths.

share: Are the contraindications for lymph massage are the same as for swedish massage?
In general, yes.

share: How do you say I need a massage in Swedish?
Jag behöver en massage.

share: What is the most popular massage?
The most common form of massage is Swedish massage this is also called Relaxation massage or sometimes Therapeutic massage.

share: How is interference massage different from a swedish massage?
Interference massage works at removing the harmful toxins from the body. Swedish massage, on the other hand, aims to soothe and relax your tired muscles. The point here is that you need to get a professional for this to benefit from it.

share: What is the difference between bamboo massage and swedish massage?
Bamboo massage uses implements, which in this case are heated bamboo sticks, as opposed to Swedish massage that uses warm hands. As to the question of difference between them, the only answer is personal preference.

share: Who is Pehr Ling?
He is the "father" of swedish massage.

share: Is Swedish massage helpful?
Swedish massage is great for reducing stress, reducing cortisol, increasing serration and improving mood. It is the most common type of massage. Read more: website

share: What is the difference between swedish and aromatherapy massages?
They are the same with the exception that an Aromatherapy Massage uses Essential oils to relax or stimulate the senses while receiving the massage. Generally an aromatherapy massage is a Swedish style modality.

share: What system is used in Swedish massage therapy?
Swedish massage uses a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles.

share: Who introduced swedish massage in the united states?
Two brothers, Dr. Charles Taylor and Dr. George Taylor, brought Swedish massage to the U.S. in the 1950's.

share: Is insomnia can be given the swedish massage?
Swedish massage is great for reducing stress, reducing cortisol, increasing serration and improving mood. This is a very helpful for of massage to promote sleep. It is the most common type of massage. Read more: website

share: What is Glasgow Holistic Massage Therapy?
Is a company that specialises in Complimentary Massage Therapies such as Swedish and Aromatherapy massage. 0141 763 1700

share: Which massage system is most widely used in a general massage?
The most commonly performed massage is called Swedish, though it is known as American massage outside of the US.

share: How did Per Henrik Ling affect the field of massage therapy?
Per Henrik Ling introduced "swedish massage."

share: What is the difference between massage therapies and a massage therapist?
A massage therapist is a person who performs massage therapy. Massage therapies are different modalities, or types, of massage; such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Reflexology, etc.

share: What are massage mediums?
A medium is another term for modality or style. For example, Swedish massage is one medium, acupressure is another.

share: What does deep tissue massage mean?
Deep Tissue Massage is a massage in which the therapist goes slower with their massage strokes and more pressure is applied than would be applied in a Swedish Massage. I like to start clients with some Sports Massage first to help loosen the muscles and not have to go as deep so that the treatment feels more enjoyable. I also incorporate Swedish, cranial sacral, reflexology and shiatsu.

share: Is there any shower massage?
There are many kinds of massage techniques that use a shower in hydrotherapy and in Spas. Here are two examples of kinds of shower massage: Swedish and Vichy.

share: How do you say I am tired I need a good massage in Swedish?
I am tired I need a good massage translates to "Jag är trött och behöver en skön massage".

share: Who systematized and developed Swedish massage techniques?
1776-1839- Pehr Henrick Ling, Swedish physiologist who helped develop physical therapy and Swedish massages and is known as the grandfather of Swedish massages and Physical therapy.

share: When should the Petrissage massage be used?
Petrissage is one part of traditional Swedish massage. Traditionally, petrissage would be used toward the beginning of the massage to help loosen tissue.

share: What are the names of the massages that the massage therapist do to you?
There are so many different types of massage. The most basic type of massage is a Swedish massage. Swedish massage is a light pressure relaxation massage using wide, flat strokes. This will help with stress, circulation, blood pressure and immune response. Deep Tissue massage works out those pesky knots and tight spots in muscles with deeper pressure. This can sometimes be uncomfortable, but should not be painful and you should make sure your therapist knows... Read More

share: Who was the father of massage?
Hippocrates Is the father of Swedish massage That's interesting because Sweden was not even a country during the classical Greek period when he lived. Hippocrates is known for anatripsis which means stroking tissues centripetally. Swedish massage is more appropriately attributed to Per Ling, who was actually from Sweden.

share: Do you have to be nude during a Swedish massage?
NO. You are expected to LEAVE ON YOUR UNDERWEAR (as in underpants) when you receive a massage. A professional therapist will know how to drape you with the sheet/blanket so that only the part of your body being worked on is exposed. Swedish massage is primarily for relaxation but that does not mean you aren't being worked on by a professional therapist.

share: Fencing master and gymnastics teacher Per Henrik Ling developed what style of massage based on long flowing strokes?
Swedish massage

share: Does massage help with circulation?
Yes. Massage helps circulation, and many other beneficial processes of the body. The one modality that focuses on circulation and mobilization is Swedish massage which has a lot of stroking and kneading. It is becoming more well recognized as 'American' massage.

share: What has the author L L Despard written?
L. L. Despard has written: 'Text-book of massage and remedial gymnastics' -- subject(s): Exercise therapy, Massage, Swedish gymnastics 'Text-book of massage'

share: Effects of massage on circulatory system?
Some Health Massage Therapies are designed to stimulate blood flow and improve blood circulation in the body. Good examples of this type of massaging therapies are: Ayurveda and Swedish Massage.

share: What risks of client condition and treatment after swedish massage?
The most important concerns are cardiovascular conditions.

share: How many types of massage?
Health massage therapy is a diverse field. There are over a hundred type of massage therapies found all over the world. And new techniques are gradually practiced and added today. For simplicity purposes, all of these techniques are grouped into 5 categories namely: Swedish massage, Therapeutic massage,Oriental massage,Sports massage, and Other special forms of massage.

share: When were the first massage therapy clinics established in the US?
including the communities surrounding Union City first clinics for massage therapy in the United States were opened by two Swedish physicians after the Civil War period.

share: When was massage therapy first used?
the first recorded use of massage was about 3000 BC in china. the Chinese called there technique amma. the Japanese, the Greek's, and the Romans's, also used massage, then in modern times Per Henrik ( 1776-1839 ) was from Sweden and the massage he used is now known as Swedish massage

share: Are rolfing and massage therapy the same?
Rolfing is a type of bodywork just like massage is a type of bodywork. Some would say that Rolfing is a form of massage but there isn't any clear definitions of massage and bodywork. Rolfing is a systematic method of working with the body for the purpose of realigning the body to relieve the stress points that can lead to pain and injuries. Massage can be Swedish Massage, Triggerpoint massage, thai massage, etc

share: What type of pressure is applied in shiatsu massage?
Shiatsu is Japanese massage using a deeper pressure (deeper than the most common type of massage in the U.S.-Swedish massage) and in which the therapist presses with fingers, thumbs, palms, forearms, and sometimes feet. Shiatsu may be practiced on a floor mat or massage table.

share: What is the best type of massage to relieve back pain?
The best type of massages to relieve back pain are those of the therapeutic variety. Some recommended massages for back pain include the Swedish massage and the deep tissue massage.

share: What to ask for at massgae parlor?
If it is a massage parlor that provide Relaxation the you want to ask if they provide "Full Service." If they do then you can get sex. If you are at a standard massage parlor then you are there for a massage then you would ask them what type of massage they provide and you will get answers like Swedish masssage, Deep massage, etc. You would then ask them exactly what those are and then... Read More

share: What education is needed for massage therapy?
Massage therapists need to know the location and function of muscles, their attachments, anatomy of the body, and the many modalities of massage such as Swedish, Reflexology, Shiatsu, etc. It is also helpful for massage therapists to have a basic understanding of interpersonal skills, business, ethics, and professionalism.

share: What courses must a massage therapist take?
Anatomy and Physiology Bodymind therapy Kinesiology Pathology Swedish massage Hydrotherapy Muscular Anatomy Deep Tissue or Neuromuscular therapy Self-care Oriental studies Ayurveda Student clinic Sports massage Pregnancy massage and more...

share: What are the types of massage that are ideal to elders?
first check with your doctor to be sure that you are in good enough health to receive massage. Assuming you are healthy, Swedish, Neuromuscular, and medical massage are all good options. Deep tissue and rolfing should be avoided

share: What parts of the therapist body is used during deep tissue massage that would not be used during swedish massage?
More use of forearms, elbows, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, deep pressure with palms, and possibly feet depending on the type of massage.

share: What has the author Mary Victoria Lace written?
Mary Victoria Lace has written: 'Massage and medical gymnastics' -- subject(s): Massage, Medical Gymnastics 'A text book of swedish remedial exercises'

share: Who was Per Henrik Ling?
Swedish massage was invented by a Swedish fencing instructor named Per Henrik Ling in the 1830s. When he was injured in the elbows, he reportedly cured himself using tapping (percussion) strokes

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