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Hung Constant (2019-07-07)

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Taraneh (1396) is a film directed by Mehdi Sahebi and produced by Mohammad Taghi Ansari in 1396. This film has been released on Iran's cinemas 3 February, 2013. Sales of the box office reached 273, 843, دانلود فیلم ترانه 000 USD. The film is the first director's cinematic work, devoted to a fascinating and virgin theme filled with red lines, and with the right rhythm and the many events that the film has, even allowing the eyelid to come from the audience to the end of the story. In most movie sequences, especially in the girls' dormitory, real life is flowing. The games are relatively strong and natural, as if the filmmaker has lived for many years in the girls' dormitory, and he is completely dominated by jokes and nonsense. The film's positive point is the observance of ethical principles throughout the film. The sensitive subject and line-of-sight, such as modeling, is very potent to use its sexual tools to attract audiences and cover the film's weaknesses, but in no place we see the cross of the red line. Even the milestone of the film that is designed for sexual assault is passed through it.

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