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Types of mutual fund

Teresita Duesbury (2019-07-10)

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The mutual fund market can be broadly classified as-

btc-bitcoins-stock-photos.jpgEquity fund

Debt fund

Money market fund

Cash management fund

Hedge funds
How many AMC in India?
As of may 2009 there are 38 asset management companies operating in india: 1 AIG Global Investment Group Mutual Fund 2 Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund 3 Benchmark Mutual Fund 4 Bharti AXA Mutual Fund 5 Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund 6 Canara Robeco Mutual Fund 7 DBS Chola Mutual Fund 8 Deutsche Mutual Fund 9 DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund 10 Edelweiss Mutual Fund 11 Escorts Mutual Fund 12 Fidelity Mutual Fund 13 Fortis Mutual Fund... Read More

share: What does the CGM fund invest in?
There are three types of CGM Fund; the Mutual Fund, Focus Fund and Realty Fund. The Mutual Fund invests in a managed mix of equity and debt securities, the Focus Fund invests in stocks and the Realty Fund invests at least 80% in the real estate industry.

share: Mutual fund companies?
There are numerous Mutual Fund companies throughout the world. The top MF companies in India are: HDFC Mutual Fund Reliance Mutual Fund ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund etc

share: Is a mutual fund a corporation?
A mutual fund is a corporation

share: What is the difference between a money market mutual fund and a mutual fund?
A Money market mutual fund is a type of mutual fund that invests specifically in high quality debt instruments. All said and done, a money market fund is also a mutual fund.

share: When you own a mutual fund what exactly do you own?
Mutual fund is a low risk investment. If you invest in a mutual fund, you owns shares of the mutual fund company who is selling you fund. But you do not actually own any underlying asset of the stocks or securities that mutual fund has invested in even they are using your money to invest.

share: What is an equity fund in a mutual fund?
A mutual fund which invests a minimum of 65% of its fund corpus in equity and equity related instruments is known as equity mutual fund. As in the case of other mutual funds, equity funds also carry risks as they investment in the stock market. However, they also ensure high returns. Equity funds are of different types such as Index Funds, Sector Funds, and Diversified Equity Funds.

share: What is mutual fund reconciliation?
Mutual fund reconciliation is a term used to describe people who are in charge of reconciling fund accounts. They handle a lot of the mutual fund operations.

share: What different types of mutual funds are offered by BMO?
The Bank of Montreal offers numerous mutual funds, such as BMO Money Market Fund (Premium Series), BMO Money Market Fund, and BMO Laddered Corporate Bond Fund.

share: How many mutal fund in Nepal?
MUTUAL FUND IN NEPAL Nepal is a land lock country and it is between the two big growing economy country China in north and India in South,East&West. In Nepal there is not proper growing of Financial Markets so the Mutual Fund concept so in Nepal there is only two mutual fund the are:- NCM Mutual Fund & CBU Mutual Fund 1. NCM Mutual Fund This fund is generated by Nepal Industrial Development Co-operation in 2059... Read More

share: Stakeholder of mutual fund?
A stakeholder of a mutual fund is someone who has interest in it.

share: What is mutual fund in Hindi language?
mutual fund kya hai

share: Was the Reserve Fund the first money market mutual fund?
The Reserve Fund was the first money market mutual fund

share: What does the acronym sbimf stand for?
the acronym SBIMF stands for State Bank of India Mutual Funds. One can find more information about mutual fund basic, mutual fund guide and mutual fund coach online at SBI Mutual Fund.

share: What are mutual fund shares?
Mutual fund shares are stocks of mutual funds, fractions of mutual funds just as companies have shares.

share: Is a money market fund the same as a mutual fund?
A money market fund is a mutual fund, but behaves a little different than most fund.

share: When was The Mutual Fund Store created?
The Mutual Fund Store was created in 1996.

share: What do they sell in mutual fund stores?
Mutual Fund Products & Investment Advise.

share: What are people who invest in mutual funds called?
They are called Mutual Fund Investors or Mutual Fund Unit Holders.

share: Difference between eqity fund and mutual fund?
Equity is the owners fund and mutual fund is pool money from the investor and invest in securities market. mutual fund has low risk an depends upon market condition.

share: What is the Swot analysis of prudential icici mutual fund?
What is the Swot analysis of a mutual fund?

share: What was the PX Washington Mutual Investors Fund?
It was a mutual fund managed for principal growth

share: What is the full form of UIT mutual fund?
Unit Investment Trust Mutual Fund

share: Where can one find information on an LIC mutual fund?
One can find information on an LIC mutual fund online at various websites. One can find information on an LIC mutual fund online at The Economic Times and LIC Nomura Mutual Fund.

share: How does hedge fund differs from mutual fund?
Hedge funds and mutual funds are both managed portfolio in which securities are picked by a fund manager. However hedge funds are more aggressively managed as compared to the mutual fund. They can take speculative positions in the derivative securities .Hedge funds also differs from mutual fund in their availability, they are available to only specific investors .There are many investment companies that invest in hedge fund and mutual fund of which Reliance mutual fund... Read More

share: What is a mutual fund manager?
Mutual Fund Manager is a Persona in Asset Management Company (AMC), who handles all the Mutual Fund Investments, Who handles all the money of investors which has been invested in Mutual Funds.

share: What is the meaning of mutual fund in Tamil?
Tamil is one of the most popular Indian Language and if some one need to know about the Mutual fund in Tamil language they may type 'Mutual fund in Tamil' in Google to get the details about Mutual fund in Tamil language.

share: What statement defines a mutual fund?
A mutual fund is an investment fund in which many people pool their resources for investment. Mutual funds are highly regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission, in the US.

share: Which is the best gold mutual fund for Indian market?
which is the best gold mutual fund in the Indian market? can we purchase and sell online gold mutual fund without any mediator and how?

share: How many mutual fund scheme are there in India?
There are numerous Mutual Fund Companies in India. Some of the prominent ones are: ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds HDFC Mutual Funds SBI Mutual Funds Principal Mutual Funds DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds Religare Asset Management Reliance Mutual Fund etc

share: Can banks invest in mutual funds?
They can invest their own income/profits in a mutual fund but they cannot invest the depositors money in a mutual fund

share: What is advantages and disadvantages of investing in mutual fund?
When you invest in mutual you are buying the units or portion of the mutual fund and thus on investing becomes the shareholder.There are top AMC'S which help you to know regarding this they are Reliance mutual fund, HDFC etc.

share: Who elects the portfolio manager of a mutual fund?
A Portfolio Manager or a Fund Manager for a Mutual Fund is not elected but Selected by the Asset Management Company

share: What was the first money market mutual fund?
The first money market mutual fund (MMMF) was created in 1971 and called the Reserve Fund

share: When was the first money market mutual fund?
The first money market mutual fund (MMMF) was created in 1971 and called the Reserve Fund

share: What is invested by managers in a diversity of stocks bonds and other securities?
Mutual fund. -twiggy. A mutual fund.

share: Did mutual fund assets grow in 1996?
Mutual fund assets continued to increase rapidly in 1996

share: What were mutual fund equity purchases in 1991?
Mutual fund equity purchases were $43 billion in 1991

share: What were mutual fund equity purchases in 1992?
Mutual fund equity purchases were $80.5 billion in 1992

share: Can Indian mutual fund invest in shares and securities abroad?
Yes, they can. But, not all mutual funds can invest in shares and securities abroad. They can only do so, if the mutual fund scheme has it in the fund objectives.

share: Are open-end funds the same as mutual funds?
Often referred to as the mutual fund industry, the open-end fund industry comprises about 95 percent of the mutual fund market

share: What year was the first money market mutual fund?
The first money market mutual fund (MMMF) was created in 1971 and called the Reserve Fund

share: What was the Reserve Fund?
The Reserve Fund was the first money market mutual fund

share: Which was the first public sector mutual fund to set up after the Unit Trust Of India?
SBI mutual fund

share: Difference between NFO and mutual fund?
NFO is the first stage in the life of a mutual fund. A mutual fund becomes an active fund only after the New Fund Offering (NFO) is complete. An NFO is an option where people invest in the fund house for the first time. Once the fund house gets established, then there is no NFO, any investor can contact the fund house and buy the fund.

share: Can anyone provide information on mutual fund?
Almost all mutual funds have their own websites .Investors can also acess the NAV's,half yearly results and portfolio of all mutual funds at websites.There are number of websites that give lot of information of mutual fund.One of these mutual fund portals is Reliance mutual fund

share: Who is the number one mutual fund company in India?
No one fund house can claim to be the number one fund company in India. The top few fund houses could be either of the below 3 fund houses: 1. If you enjoyed this information and you would certainly like to get even more facts concerning American Veterans Honor Fund is a grassroots political organization built from the ground up to aid Veterans in their mission to continue their service. Our nation’s Veterans are tested leaders and men and women who have put their lives on the line for love of country. These are the ideal leaders our country needs to repair its reputation and regain the trust of its citizens. kindly go to our webpage. SBI Magnum Mutual Funds 2. HDFC Mutual Funds 3. ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds

share: What are the advantages of investing in mutual funds?
The advantages of investing a mutual fund is if one of the fund stocks or other securities performs poorly the loss can be offset by gains in another stock or security within the mutual fund.

share: What are mutual funds?
Mutual fund is a single pool of money collected from a large number of investors. This money is invested in share, bonds and other securities by AMC. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund offers mutual fund products that meet the customers needs.

share: What does a mutual fund manager do?
A mutual fund manager is responsible coming up with an investment plan for a portfolio. They often work together with other fund managers.

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