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Supreme Dental Care

Vickie Christ (2019-07-10)

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Supreme Dental Care is more than a dentists office. We’re a complete resource for your entire family. When it comes to our youngest patients, we offer complete dental services in a fun and caring environment.
Our Philosophy for Children’s Dentistry

image.php?image=b17maartent1177.jpg&dl=1Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for adults, but most know this is a necessary step in keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, kids don’t always understand why they’re in a room with strange noises and unfamiliar faces. At Supreme Dental Care, we don’t want anyone to be afraid of our office. That’s why we tirelessly work to create fun and engaging ways to transform how kids, and their guardians, think about dentists.

It’s never too early to start introducing your little ones to the dentist blackburn north’s office. We encourage parents and guardians to bring their children along when they come in for a routine checkup. By watching what we do, unnecessary fear and anxiety can be reduced when the time comes for their first checkup.
Dentistry Procedure - The Start of a Lifetime Habit

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Initial examinations start as informal dental evaluations. These are typically done when a child’s teeth erupt from their gums. In these quick sessions, we quickly evaluate the newly formed teeth for decay and to see which have started forming.

Eventually, as more teeth form and the little patient becomes more comfortable, the examinations get a little more involved. These thorough evaluations look to assess jaw bone development and soft tissue health. We carefully review teeth for signs of cavities and as the child grows, we’ll monitor development to see if orthodontics may be needed later in life.

As the child grows, and baby teeth give way to adult molars, we’ll carefully analyse the surface of these important chewing teeth. In many cases, the surface of the back teeth have grooves and dips. Acting as little pockets for food debris, they can be almost impossible to thoroughly clean. Over time, trapped food particles cause plaque bacteria growth, which then creates cavities.

This unfair dental characteristic is easily treated with fissure sealing. This painless procedure covers teeth chewing surface and prevents food from getting trapped in its grooves and pits. Your dentist ensures all food debris is removed from teeth and the fissure sealant is brushed on and then hardened with an ultraviolet light beam.
Oral Hygiene Coaching

What’s the point of exceptional dentistry checkups if home hygiene habits are lacking? Your child’s dental health begins and ends at home. Our dentists are here to help coach you and your child toward better, sustainable oral hygiene habits.

From encouraging twice daily brushing to nutritional tips for healthier teeth, Supreme Dental Care is far more than just a dental clinic. We’re your local resource for all-things teeth related.
Experience the Enjoyment of Gentle Dental Care

Prevention starts with knowledge. Our dentists bring over 40 years of combined experience treating patients of all ages. If your kid’s ready to start the journey toward lifelong dental health, call (03) 9802 0198 and schedule your appointment with one of our dentists in Glen Waverley today!

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