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How do you check your bankruptcy date

Cherie Nies (2019-07-14)

 |  Enviar respuesta You can contact the office of the bankruptcy attorney who is responsible for filing and managing the bankruptcy case. The bankruptcy court will automatically send the bankruptcy attorney copies of the bankruptcy paperwork.

In most situations the bankruptcy attorney or the office paralegals will be able to tell you the date of bankruptcy in person or via telephone.

Visit the United States Bankruptcy Court Federal Record Retrieval website. Once at the website, enter your name at the time of filing for bankruptcy, the state where the bankruptcy was filed, and the year you believe the case was filed. Then you will get the full details of your date of the bankruptcy.

Is there a public record I could check to see when the exact date is when I filed for bankruptcy?
Your records are on file at the Court you filed in. The relevant date for most things concerning BK is discharge date, not filing date though.

share: How can you find out the date a bankruptcy should be removed from your credit report?
Look at the date your bankruptcy was filed. 10 years from that date it should be off.

share: How do you add a creditor to a bankruptcy after you have filed?
Check with your bankruptcy lawyer.

share: How may you find the date of your bankruptcy?
You can find it from the court where you filed your bankruptcy.

share: What are the rules for bankruptcy in Canada?
For the rules for bankruptcy in Canada you can check Wikipedia or Bankruptcy Canada. It is also a good idea to check with a debt solutions company or your accountant.

share: Will I get a stimulus check if I am in chapter 13 bankruptcy?
Filing for bankruptcy will not impact whether you receive a stimulus check or not. Checks that affect your bankruptcy must be significant amounts.

share: Will bankruptcy show up on a criminal record check?
Bankruptcy will not show up on a criminal record check. A more detailed background check could include credit reports which would show the bankruptcy.

share: Is chapter 7 bankruptcy clear 10 years from court announcement or hearing date?
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will be removed from a credit report 10 years after the date the Bankruptcy was FILED.

share: Can IRS hold funds for bankruptcy?
can the IRS take your check if you file bankruptcy , chapter 13 or will I have to submit the check to them once received.

share: How do you know if your bankruptcy is discharged on your credit report?
Bankruptcy does not get discharged. Debts are discharged. The bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for 10 years from the date of filing. The debts that were discharged can remain for 7 years from the date of discharge, showing a zero balance and that they were discharged in bankruptcy.

share: Can you file bankruptcy on day set for foreclosure?
As long as the date and time stamp on your bankruptcy petition is prior to the time of the auction on the date for the auction, yes you can.

share: When will a bankruptcy come off your credit report if the discharge date for your Chapter 7 was September 1996?
The statute of limitations for reporting information about a bankruptcy is ten years from the date it was filed. You did not mention the filing date, so the very late date your bankruptcy should show on your credit report would be September of 2006.

share: Can someone add a debt onto their bankruptcy even though the debt occurred after they had filed for Chapter 7?
No, this is considered a post-petition debt. It would not be covered by the bankruptcy, you would legally owe this debt. Bankruptcy only covers charges up to the filing date. Not the meeting date,not the discharge date and not the closing date.

share: If you write a bad check will it be dismissed if you file for bankruptcy?
Unlikely. Passing a bad check is often a criminal act. A bankruptcy would not change that fact.

share: Did lori maclean file for bankruptcy in ny how do you find out?
Check with the bankruptcy court in New York.

share: Can you file bankruptcy on credit cards that are not in your name but you are responsible for?
check Federal Bankruptcy act 801.3

share: How do you check on a bankruptcy filing that isn't owned by you?
If you have been filed for a fake bankruptcy, then you can sue the claming party.

share: Can you reinstate a dismissed bankruptcy?
If you have come through a bankruptcy you have been through quite a bit. It is important to know that if your bankruptcy was dismissed, it may still be reinstated at a later date.

share: A person has a judgment but files for bankruptcy can bankruptcy void the judgment of an earlier date in WA state?
Bankruptcy does not void the judgment. It simply makes it noncollectable because it was discharged in the bankruptcy like any other debt.

share: Can a debt collector change the date of last activity on an account that was discharged in bankruptcy?
The debt collector cannot change the date of anything, legally. If the account was discharged in bankruptcy, everything up to the filing date is not owed any longer.

share: Is Bankruptcy info on credit report from date of dismissal or filing?
It is 10 years from the date of discharge.

share: How long will a dismissed bankruptcy stay on your credit?
: A bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 11, or a non-discharged or dismissed chapter 13 bankruptcy generally remains on your credit file for 10 years from the date filed. A discharged chapter 13 bankruptcy generally remains on your credit file for 7 years from the date filed.

share: Do you receive a check when filing bankruptcy?
Sorry, the question is confusing. In bankruptcy the filer reliquishes all non-exempt assets to the trustee, I have no idea of what type of "check" you could be referring to.

share: Will you not pass a credit check for employment with a pending bankruptcy discharge?
Speaking from experience, if the discharge of bankruptcy is pending, a credit check may not pass, however, having discharged voluntarily from bankruptcy may have the same result depending on the policy of the employer or financial institution.

share: What date does a bankruptcy actually fall off your credit report?
6-7 years after the date of discharge

share: How do you find out a filing date for a bankruptcy case?
One can call the Bankruptcy Clerk for the Division in which a bankruptcy case is filed to get case information such as filing date. The filing date of a case is also normally listed on the Notice of Bankruptcy also. Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course... Read More

share: What if you get a raise after you file chapter 13?
The filing date is the determining date as far as income is concerned, especially if the plan has already been approved by the court. It has no effect on the plan as such. There may be some differences in various jurisdictions, so check with a local bankruptcy attorney.

share: What is the purpose of a bankruptcy register?
A bankruptcy register stores information on individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. It is used by possible lenders, employers, and anyone else looking to do a financial background check on someone.

share: What is the largest bankruptcy in American history?
Lehman Brothers Holdings Date of bankruptcy filing: 09/15/08 Assets: $691 billion

share: In Maryland how long does a bankruptcy stay on your credit report?
Chapter 7 will stay on your credit report for 10 years from the date bankruptcy was filed. Chapter 13 typically stays on your credit report for 7 years from the date the bankruptcy was filed, however, can remain on your credit report for 10 years.

share: Are you still liable for hoa fees after bancruptcy?
Your bankruptcy proceeding involves a date before which debts are subject to the bankruptcy proceeding. After that date forward, with a clean slate, you continue to owe your assessments if you continue to own your property in the association.

share: When can you file for bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy can be filed at any given time depending on if you have ever filed before and when you filed last. There is no specific date as to when you can actually file.

share: In chapter 7 bankruptcy do they check tax returns?
Generally yes

share: Do you have to declare bankruptcy if you have a foreclosure?
No. But, it may be in your favor to do both. Check with a lawyer.

share: How do you check name list of bankruptcy in Singapore?
Jaffri bin shamsudin

share: What debt will bankruptcy not erase?
Bad check debt filed with the state.

share: What company filed the largest corporate bankruptcy?
The Lehman Brothers Holding, INC filed Chapter 11 on 15 September 2008 at $639 billion in pre-bankruptcy assets. It was the largest corporate bankruptcy to date.

share: Can bankruptcy be filed again 6 years after the original filing date in NY?
In general it is 6 years after the discharged date.

share: How long would a bankruptcy filed in 1996 stay on your credit history?
Ten years from the date of the discharge, not the date of the filing.

share: Do creditors list a charge-off on credit reports as of the bankruptcy filing date or as of the discharge date?
Creditors list the charge off date as the date the bankrupcty was filed

share: Section 522b of the US bankruptcy code Need to know if 401K is exempt of a petition of bankruptcy 7?
Generally, but the extent to which funds will be exempt depends on your jurisdiction. Check your local state bankruptcy exemptions.

share: How long does it take to be discharged from bankruptcy?
About 4 to 6 months from file date.

share: How long does a bankruptcy stay on a credit report?
Ten years from the date of discharge.

share: How can you remove a bankruptcy from your credit report myself?
Generally speaking, in the US, bankruptcy stays on a persons credit records for up to seven to ten years. It may depend on what particular bankruptcy was filed for. It's a good idea to check with a credit bureau to get the complete picture. Also, another reason to check with credit bureaus is that they may have forgotten to erase a bankruptcy that they have overlooked.

share: How do you go about renting a house if you just filed bankruptcy?
you just have to check around because not everyone does a background check!

share: When can you sell your car after filing for bankruptcy?
What kind of bankruptcy? 7? 13? If your bankruptcy case is still open, you cannot sell without notice to the trustee and a motion to sell. If you exempted the car, the proceeds may not be exempt. Check with your lawyer or a bankruptcy lawyer in your state.

share: If the date on a personal check is later than todays date can you still cash it?
Postdated check is a check that has a future date on it and not the current date. i.e., let's say I give you a check today 22 January 2011 and write the check date as 15 February 2011. This is postdating a check. This means that you cannot cash the check until 15th February 2011 and until then the check is of no value. So, you need to wait until the check date to cash... Read More

share: If a credit card company has already set a court date against you can you still file bankruptcy?
Absolutely, you can send the notice of bankruptcy filing to the court and you will not have to attend.

share: What is the official starting date of a bankruptcy?
I believe the courts stamped/file date of the debtor's petition would be the date that any action would be based upon. For instance, a fraudulent transfer of property or money would be susupicious if it occurred a few months before that date. Also an inheritance or lottery winning would be vulnerable Pre and post bankruptcy file date.

share: Can you use a check date of a Sunday?
Yes you can use and date a check on a Sunday.

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