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How to start engine quicker on a electronic ignition lawn mower

Bryant De Gruchy (2019-07-14)

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Try spraying start gas into the air cleaner.

What is the output volts of a coil on a lawn mower?
well you first need to tell someone is it electronic ignition or dose it have points ??

share: Is there an ignition on lawnmower that you have to turn on?
Not on a push mower that has no electric start. On a riding mower, yes there is an ignition key.

share: Will an ignition switch keep a lawn mower engine from sparking?
Generally the ignition switch activates headlights on a riding mower and the start position only send current to the starter solenoid. If you turn the key and the engine cranks over than the lack of spark is going to be something else. If it is a riding mower you will have several safety switches to prevent start up under unsafe conditions.

share: 125 automatic stops running after mower has been running for a while?
Sounds like the engine heats and the ignition fails.

share: How do you start a murry lawn mower without a key?
Disconnect the ignition ground to the engine and jump to the starter motor with a good 12V source.

share: Where is the stop switch on a Briggs and Stratton mower engine?
If the mower has a shift knob control for "Start" "Run" and 'Stop', the kill switch will be on the end of the cable that leads to the throttle bracket. If the mower has the safety handle that shuts off the mower when it is not depressed, the kill switch will be at the end of the cable that leads from the handle to the engine. If the mower is operated with an on-off ignition... Read More

share: Does the ignition coil go bad on A lawn mower?
They do go bad. Especially if there is debris under the engine cover that makes it run hotter than it is supposed to.

share: How do you find how old lawn mower is?
model type and code of the mower and from the engine. generally it is metal stamped on the engine and the unit model is near the rear of the mower.

share: How to Repair lawn mower engine?
Buy a lawn mower engine repair manual at Border's or Barnes & Noble.

share: How do you put a V8 engine on a lawn mower?
very gently, or the mower will get squashed

share: Will a grass mower engine be permanantly damaged by mixing synthetic and regular engine oil?
you mean a lawn mower right.. if so no

share: Where can you get a Briggs and Stratton Quattro 4HP lawn mower owners manual Model 21675x41A?
You can find the operator's manual for that engine at website You will need to contact the manufacturer of the mower for the lawn mower owner's manual. Briggs and Stratton did not amke that mower, only the engine.

share: What keeps battery charged on riding mower?
Mower has a generator, which is turned by the engine. When engine is running, generator produces electricity to charge the storage battery.

share: Where is the oil filter on a lawn mower?
depends on the engine but it will be on the engine block.

share: What is the ignition coil air gap for Kawasaki lawn mower engines?
.010 to .012"

share: Where is the location of the idle screw on the Briggs and Stratton 6.0 engine mulcher mower?
Where is the location of the idle screw on the Briggs and Stratton 6.0 engine mulcher mower?

share: Can you uncease a lawn mower engine?
No... it was ran low on oil & siezed up. junk mower now.

share: What is the long belt from mower to transmission?
The belt from the mower engine to the transmission would be called a drive belt.

share: How do you test a lawn mower ignition coil?
Remove the kill wire from the ignition coil. It's the only wire that doesn't go to a plug. Remove one of the spark plugs. Reconnect the plug wire to the plug that has been removed. Make sure the threads of the plug are touching metal on the engine somewhere. Crank the engine. Should see spark. If not, bad coil.

share: Were can you find diagrams on how to make go carts out of lawn mower engines?
You cannot make a go cart out of a lawn mower engine. You can mount a lawn mower engine on a go cart, but the cart must be constructed out of tube steel. Search Google with the term, "Go cart construction". You cannot make a go cart out of a lawn mower engine. You can mount a lawn mower engine on a go cart, but the cart must be constructed out of tube steel. Search... Read More

share: How does the off switch work on a lawn mower?
When turned to the "Off" position, it connects the ignition to the frame ground to turn off the ignition and therefore the spark (fire.)

share: Why does a Briggs and Stratton engine on a McLane front throw mower start fine one time and won't start at all another?
Might be in your ignition : lose wire, bad switch : when it won't start check for spark .

share: Why won't my electric start lawn mower start?
It is possible that an electric start lawn mower will not start because the starter is not working properly. The ignition may also be malfunctioning.

share: Lawn mower pull cord?
The pull cord of a lawn mower is used to manually crank the engine to get it started. As the engine is quickly turned, a spark is created which begins combustion.

share: What engine is on hustler z lawn mower model?
I believe it a engine on the back with valves

share: Can you use 15w-40 motor oil in a petrol mower?
It depends on the API specification of the oil. Check the container for this specification. It will normally be in the format API C* or API S* (*being a letter indicating quality) C-indicates the oil is suitable for a Compression ignition engine (diesel) and S indicates compatibility with a Spark ignition engine (Gasoline/LP...). Hope this helps

share: How do you swap engine on Murray riding mower?
To swap an engine on a Murry riding mower, it is important to make sure that the new engine is the right match for the mower, By The Pool With A Good Book (Yepplocal.Com) checking the model number. You also need to make sure that the bolt holes line up, so that it will fit safely. Remove the old engine, and then replace the new engine, tightening all the screws and bolts in the reverse order that you followed to remove the... Read More

share: Why is your riging mower engine only firing on one side of the engine?
Why is the engine only firing on one side

share: Drive belt from engine to mower deck on craftsman mower won't stay on idler pulley?
you probably have a bad bearing

share: Where can one get a Honda lawn mower engine repaired in Indianapolis?
The two closest options for Honda lawn mower engine repair in Indianapolis are the Sears Mower Repair station and the official Honda Repair Shop, both located within city limits.

share: What size battery needed for a Tecumseh 14hp engine?
Depends on the brand mower the engine is installed on. More than likely any standard 12V lawn mower battery will fit.

share: Is a rally mower number BP75AR a 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine?
, I have a BP75AR rally mower. Its very old.It has a Briggs 4 cycle engine. Good luck. Mike

share: Your sears 18 hp lawn tractor suddenly stopped with a bang?
blew engine cause of low oil.... junk the mower engine & replace or pitch the whole mower... your choice

share: Where is the kill switch on a yard machine riding mower?
The kill switch is typically the ignition key. Depending on the mower it could also be a red push button labelled "emergency stop"

share: Do you have an engine schematic for a Craftsman lawn mower model no 917-387350?
Go to website and type in model # 143.033700 That is the engine specified for that mower. You can then choose between engine, carb, starter, etc. diagrams and parts lists.

share: What small engine replaces the 8hp Tecumseh vertical lawn mower engine?
Briggs straitton

share: What does it mean when a lawn mower engine sputters?
it needs gas

share: Is it possible to put a snowmobile engine in a lawn mower?
Yes, it is !

share: What makes the blades on a lawn mower work?
The engine, I think

share: Where is oil filter on yardman riding mower?
Many riding mower don't have oil filters. If your's does it is on the side of the engine toward the bottom and probably on the left side as you sit on the mower.

share: Why use a centrifugal clutch on lawn mower?
on a racing lawn mower it would be good, just rev up your engine and will engage.

share: Why does a jet engine sound louder than a lawn mower?
from a distance away why does a jet sound loader than a lawn mower

share: How do you determine horse power of a gas lawn mower?
There should be a sticker/stamp an the engine somewhere. It will give you a few specifications about the mower.

share: My Briggs stratton 10.5 hp ride on mower engine has no spark the plug is ok though any idea's?
If it has ignition point contacts they may needed cleaning. You have to remove the flywheel and it's cover. Use wd40 on the points after cleaning.

share: Where is the safety switch located to start the mower because you have to press the clutch a lot of times to get it to engage to start This is on a Ranchking riding mower.?
The safety switch to start the motor on a Ranchking riding mower is located in the ignition. If the clutch needs to be depressed several times before the mower will start, there might be a problem with the adjustment of the clutch.

share: Who does Briggs and stratton contract to build their snapper mowers?
Briggs and Stratton does contract anyone to build mowers. The mower manufacturers contract Briggs and Stratton to build their engines (or whatever engine is on the unit). That is why you can have a Briggs and Stratton on most any type of mower. Same is true for Kohler, Tecumseh, etc. Not to say that the engine manufacturers do not build their own type of outdoor power tool but as the question states "snapper mower". Also... Read More

share: If you have ranch king 18.5 horse lawn mower and you dont get no ignition spark?
Well then, yes, you might be a redneck...

share: When mower gets hot it stops runningl111 john deere?
More than likely it is a bad ignition coil.

share: Can you use 10w30 oil in mower crankcase?
That depends on the mower and engine. I have Cub Cadet rider with a 16 hp Kohler engine that does call for 10w30. A lot of others call for sae 30 only.

share: Where is the air filter on a 6.75 hp Briggs lawn mower engine?
Front of the engine screwed to the carburetor

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