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General Check-up

June Howarth (2019-07-24)

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At Infinite Point Cook, we believe a happy smile is based on great health and consistent professional care for your dental needs by those who have been in the dental industry for a combined 40 years. How do you achieve this? By regular oral hygiene at home and bi annual general check up check-ups!

Our dentists have been trained to perform meticulous cleaning and maintenance of the teeth and gums, and to develop a personalised oral hygiene program based on each individual’s needs.

The Benefits of Regular Dental Check-ups
Ability to Detect Dental Problems
Early Dental problems can be detected in their earliest stages.
For example, tartar and plaque can be cleaned above the gum line every six months. This is something that you won’t be able to fix simply with brushing.

Cost Effective
A dental assessment will also help you save money on expensive dental treatments later. A dental implant or a root canal can be avoided in many situations.

Prevention of Gum Disease
Unchecked build-up of bacteria and plaque can be avoided by
visiting the dentist on a regular basis. This reduces the chance
of getting gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay and oral infections.

What to expect during a General Check-up
Evaluation of the health of your gums
Meticulous cleaning and polishing of your teeth below the gum level
Identification of any oral health issues
Application of agents to prevent decay
Dental x-rays
Guidance on brushing and flossing technique
Dedicated Dental Care for Our Community and Beyond
Our dental office is stocked with a wide range of products, including toothbrushes, interdental cleaning devices, and oral rinses. If you need one of these products to improve your brushing habits, we will make the recommendation during the initial consultation.

Contact Infinite Point Cook today on (03) 9395 8400 to schedule your next dental check-up to ensure your oral hygiene is where it needs to be! Our professional team looks forward to assisting you in developing an effective dental maintenance program, ensuring your teeth stay pearly white and strong!

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