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From Startup To Incubator: Games Supplier HitFox Releases HitFox Game Ventures

Lee Illingworth (2019-08-02)

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Hitfox, the San and Berlin Francisco-based games supplier founded by serial entrepreneurs Jan Beckers, Tim Koschella, Ruben Haas, Hanno Fichtner, along with Team Europe, is venturing into the incubator space with the launch of HitFox Video game Projects. The new business will stick to a restricted top to bottom short of trading in and obtaining startups in the video video game product sales and marketing space.

Particularly, HitFox says it will offer seed money in the "six-figure" range, mainly because well simply because applying its experience in game distribution, sharing the founders’ own networks, and (presumably) resources. To that end, CEO Jan Beckers can be talking up HiFox’s group of 55 gaming, marketing and IT experts that it’s place jointly over the last 12 months. In other terms, on the surface area at least, it looks like a pretty hands-on and energetic incubator in the producing, performed German-style, dare I state. It aims to acquire or establish at least two businesses per 12 months.

"Taking about the function of incubator, we are now using this relationship and momentum with clients to support various other game distribution startups.", says Beckers.

While for how HitFox itself is performing, the startup, which was founded in May 2011 and whose backers include Tengelmann Group, Hasso Plattner Ventures, Kite Endeavors and Digital Pioneers, says it expects to reach a "seven-figure regular turnover" and - even more importantly, - break even sometime this year perhaps.

In February 2012, HitFox acquired Ad2Games (Chili Entertainment), Germany’s largest advertising network for online games.

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