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Does jet li have a Facebook

Meghan Makin (2019-08-02)

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韩国东大门代购_new_0916<strong4595<\/strong>396099" style="max-width:410px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;">Jet does not have a Facebook profile, but he does have a Facebook page.

Does jet li have wife?
Jet Li is currently married to Nina Li .

Is Jet Li a Catholic?
no Jet Li is a Buddhist.

Jet Li or Bruce Lee?
jet li has a cooler name

What sports does Jet Li like?
jet li likes soccer

Is Aaliyah and Jet Li are couple?
jet li and aaliya are not a couple.

What does Jet Li think of Jackie Chan?
You will have to ask Jet Li.

How has Jet Li changne the world?
Jet LI was a movie actor

Does jet li believe in god?
do jet li belive in god

How did Jet Li die?
As of March 2013, Jet Li is still living.

What age in jet li?
Jet Li is 50 years old in 2013.

In Fearless who does Jet Li play?
Jet Li plays in the role of Huo Yuanjia .

Is Jet Li hmong or miao?
Jet Li should answer this question.We don't know.

How many films from Jet Li are dubbed?
I know some Jet Li movies which are of Chinese audio and English subtitled! Jet Li "My Father Is A Hero" Or "The Enforcer" HK DVD-9 Jet Li "Once Upon A Time In China" Tsui Hark New DVD-9 Jet Li 1992 "Swordsman II 2" Brigitte Lin Movie DVD-9 Jet Li 1993 "The Master" Tsui Hark Matial Arts New DVD9 Jet Li 1996 "Dr. Wai In The Scripture With No Word" D9

Who is Li Lianjie?
Li Lianjie is Jet Li

Where does Jet Li currently live?
Jet Li lives in Alhambra, CA. In a gated community.

Can Jet Li beat Chuck Norris?
Jet Li.. Obviously. Chuck Norris sucks.

What is the birth name of Jet Li?
Jet Li's birth name is Jie, Li Lian.

How to ask jet li a question?
You can ask any question, including a Jet Li question the same way you asked this question. Go ahead and ask anything you want to about Jet Li.

Did Bruce Lee ever fight Jet Li?
No, Bruce Li died in 1973. Jet Li was only 10 years old.

Is Jet Li alive?
no he's not Incorrect answer... Jet Li is in fact alive and well (as of the time of writing this).

Does Jet Li have a brother or sister?
Jet Li has two older brothers and two older sisters.

Where was Jet Li born?
Jet Li or Li Lian Jie (李連杰) was born on April 26, 1963 in Beijing, China.

How old is Jet Li?
Martial arts actor Jet Li (Li Lianjie) is 54 years old (born April 26, 1963).

What is Lil Wayne song that goes or some thing like that Jet Li Jet Li?
the name of the song is: Jet Li, Bruce Lee,but if that doesnt work type in Lil Wayne-She Likes To Tease Me

Whose better Chuck Norris or Jet Li?
Bruce Wayne If you are talking about acting abilities then Jet Li.

Why did Jet Li choose to be a champion at wushu?
Jet Li didn't choose to practice wushu but was chosen to do so.

Did Jet Li train with Bruce Lee?
No, Jet Li was ten years old when Bruce Lee died.

Who would win the fight between Bruce Lee and Jet Li?
i think Bruce lee because jet Li is Wushu and Bruce lee is jet Kune do your wrong. jet li had many fighting styles under his belt. so go die

Who is jet li married to?
Nina Li Chi.

What are the differences between Bruce Lee and Jet Li?
Answer 1. Bruce Lee is dead. 2. Jet Li is younger.

What age was Jet Li when he started martial arts?
Jet Li was eight years old when he began practicing Wushu.

Would Chuck Norris win against Jet Li?
it would be jet li,chuck Norris doesn't have the speed.

Is Jet Li alive today?
Yeah because i love jet li so much i think that he is still alive

Who would win in a fight Jason statham vs Jet Li?
Even though Jason Statham is a badass, Jet Li would win. Jet Li is said to be one of the best martial artists in the world at the moment.

Is Jet Li Bruce Lees son?
NO! Bruce Lee died before Jet Li was born and they have different last names but sound the same. (Li and Lee).

How do you spell Jet Li?
The stage name spelling for the Chinese actor (born Li Lianjie April 26, 1963) is Jet Li. He currently resides in Singapore.

Who is Jet Li brothers?
Jet Li, a chinese born actor, original name Li Lianjie (born 26 Apr 1963). He is also a producer, a martial art follower. Jet Li has two older brothers and two older sisters (source Factozoid, wikianswers)

Is Jet Li gay?
No, Jet Li is not gay. In fact he has had 2 wives during his adulthood. He is still married to the second one. Second of all, if he was gay, he would not be able to have four children! So Jet Li is DEFINITELY NOT gay.

Who would win in a fight Jet Li or Chuck Norris?
Jet Li becasue he's Bruce Lee's Nephew so hes awesome Edit by: jdyo135 I know that is impoosible for Jet Li to kill the grand master of kick @$$

Did Jackie Chan and Jet Li ever fight?
You can see Jackie Chan and Jet Li fight onscreen in The Forbidden Kingdom.

Who would win a fight Jet Li or Jackie Chan?
1. Jet Li. 2. Jackie Chan. Have fun discussing it.

Is Jet Li dead?
No, he is not.

Did Jackie Chan and Jet Li converted to Islam?
No Jet Li is openly Buddhist while Jackie Chan's religious preferences are unknown.

Is Jet Li faster at Kung Fu than Bruce Lee?
. Bruce lee's kungfu is so faster than jet li because in most of his movies the speed of action was just altered and his fighting did not have camera tricks as compared to jet Li

Who would win ip man vs Jet Li?
well... in my opinion i guess it would be 60% of ip man gonna win and 40% of jet li. because first of all, ip man has a better speed factor than jet li, and also has more experiance. ip man may not punch hard but can blow more because hes faster than jet li in my opinion. For jet li, he has a strength factor due to his ability to punch and kick very...

When is jet lee's birthday?
Jet Li was born April 26, 1963.

How old are Jackie Chan and Jet Li?
Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954 . Jet Li was born on April 26, 1963.

Who would win in a fight Muhammad Ali or Jet Li?
jet li would just kick him all over and ninja him up and down

Who would win in a fight Steven Seagal or 추천바카라사이트 Jet Li?
Jet Li. But 10 years ago close. George bush all the way

Who would win a fight between Jean Claude Van Damme and Jet Li?
Jet Li would kick his pooty tang gymnast but!

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