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What is pet abuse

Chau Stahlman (2019-08-05)

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when you beat your pet or you just down right neglect them and dont care for their needs

Is pet abuse illegal?
Yes a pet abuse is illegal there like your own kids

How are pet abuse start?
HI, was wondering if anyone of you members know this are you asking how DID pet abuse start?

How many pets are saved from pet abuse?
More than 1,000,000 pets have been saved from pet abuse

What are the effects of pet abuse on pet lovers?
They do stuff

What are pros and cons of pet abuse?
There first off are no Pros of pet abuse. It is cruel, wrong, and unethical. There are many cons for pet abuse however. You can go to prison. You can be severely fined. etc along those lines.

Can abuse in a dog cause dog depression?
Yes, abuse can really upset a pet, and if you adopted a pet it takes time for it to go away, the pet needs time to trust another human

Is there a policy for pet abuse?
Yes there is.

What is the percent of pet abuse around the world?
about 85.2 percent of animal abuse in the world

What is the definition of pet abuse?
The definition of pet abuse in my eyes is anyone hurting , abandoning or the animal is feeling pain in any way that your OK with is probably the best definition of animal abuse. Lauren 11 years old.

What types of animal abuse is there?
there is neglecting, non-shelterd, sexual abuse, and non-pet usage.

How do you get a pet?
You can get one from your local pet store or go to a pound and get a dog or cat. Either one you must take great care of you pet and not to abuse it.

What are the charges for pet abuse?
you will have to go to court and pay a fine

What leads to pet abuse?
Taking part in human abuse, being angry, and just plain what may seem like teasing an animal can also be and lead to animal abuse.

Is pet abuse or to neglect a pet responsible?
It is not responsible at all. If you get a pet, you should be willing and able to take care of it. If not, you are a terrible ad very mean person. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PET TO BE RESPONSIBLE!

Why would people abuse a pet?
because they need/want control

Cruelty to living things such as animals?
Cruelty to Living things such as animals, is called Abuse. abuse can simply be not feeding it for weeks at a time, or letting your animal get hurt by another pet. even giving your pet not enough treatment for it's health is abuse if taken to the extremes. please do not abuse your pet or any other animals. before i publish this, i want to say that abuse can also be used in hunting. if...

Over the years has pet abuse gotten better or worse?
what does that spell worse!

What are these please thinking when they abuse animals?
probably just for fun i have lot of pet and I think it is out of Order bloody nincompoops I love pet! But i don't love you!

How do you make a chao evil?
you either pet it with an evil character or abuse it with a good character

Why is pet abuse legal in some places?
because sometimes people like to keep tradition

What kind of animals are most abused?
This would depend on your definition of abuse. Some "Animal Rights" groups would suggest that keeping any animal domesticated (cows, horses, oxen) for labor or even as a pet would constitute abuse. Extremist definitions of abuse notwithstanding, it's simple to correlate the number of certain pet species with the level of abuse. Common household pets, consequently, are the most likely to be abused in the conventional sense of the word.

What do most pet owners expect of their pets?
people usually give their pets sexual abuse and many different kind of abuse :( But what i am going to tell you is wrong so byee

What happens to people who abuse their pets?
either they can go to jail for pet abuse they can get sewed but people who own the pet store or the can get pressed charges they can go to jail as said but they can get there pets taking away and the pets will get in a sheltor home those dogs will have a better life and owners who will care for them and love them

Where is the best pet store for hamsters?
the best thing would be to buy your hamster form a breeder.then you know what there family history is. And some times the pet stores abuse and negelct them.

How many pet advertisements are there about abuse?
Impossible to answer. How would you count them, and the numbers would change every day.

What causes pet abuse?
phucking homicidal maniacs. Ususally a pet is abused when humans feel violated and not in control of their household. The easy target to take their anger out on is the family pet. Because they will not fight back, they are easy targets. An adult might abuse a dog to show their alpha-ness. They might threaten a child by saying "Im going to beat the dog if you dont behave!" or "I might do this to...

What is pet torture?
pet torture is when people abuse there animals. they do unspeakable things to the animals, like NEVER give it food or water, hit it, kick it, and other cruel things. Why do you ask?

How has the national government expanded its definition of domestic violence in recent years?
Domestic violence recently has expanded to include pet abuse. Leaving a pet behind and at risk can also be traumatic.

What are the affects of animal abuse?
The affects of animal abuse is your pet will become more afraid of you than eventually run away. If the police find out you wil be charged and arrested for more than 5 years

Why do people abuse pets?
I think people abuse their pets because they feel out powered by others or they feel not in charge/ control so they take their anger out on the pet because it will not fight back or yell help.

Why can't you have a pet koala?
Quite simply, koalas are a protected species. This means it is illegal to have a koala. Few people understand the needs of a koala, and opening up native animals to being owned as pets leads the way to abuse. Such abuse of exotic animals has happened far too often overseas, where pet sugar gliders are subject to abuse. Notice how Australia does not allow ownership of sugar gliders, even though they are native to the...

Is an animal testing lab the same thing as a pet hospital?
No an animal testing lab and a pet hospital differ, because in a testin lab they hurt and kill the animals or blind them. a pet hospital is a place where the animals can go to get help from abuse or if they are just sick.

What is the Animal Abuse Prevention Agency or AAPA?
AAPA From the Home Page of the Animal Abuse Prevention Agency's website: " Animal Abuse Prevention Agency, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which takes a proactive approach in preventing cruelty to animals. Our services cover educating pet owners on the dangers of giving their animals away by using "free to good home ads". In addition, AAPA does pet adoptions, pet rescue, provides veterinarian services when needed, works for the enforcement of animal rights, provides temporary...

Can a sheriff take a persons pet?
If there was confirmed abuse, yes. He would take it into custody and bring it directly to an animal shelter.

Are pet owners more responsible?
Some can be more responsible or others can neglect and abuse there pets. It really depends on the person.

Is neglecting a pet animal abuse?
Technically, yes. Owning a pet means being responsible for its' health, and if you neglect to feed it, exercise it, or give it clean water, then you are not doing your job as owner and endangering the animal's life.

You have just witnessed a horrible mistreatment of an animal What can you do?
You can go get the animal when they are not around .Then take it to the vets and if it was a person that abused it then file for pet abuse

How do the SPCA help?
the spca help animals that are hurt and abused by mean pet owners.not only that,the spca will ask the public to donate money to help the animals at the spca.go spca!boo pet owners that abuse pets!

How animal abuse started?
my guess is that someone got mad at their dog or cat and hit them a little to hard and the pet ended up with marks and the owner got in trouble. just a guess ANSWER Animal abuse is as old as the relationship between animals and man. Sadly, those who are in power often abuse those aren't.

Can you keep a koala as a pet?
No. It is illegal to have a koala as a pet. They are protected, native animals. It does not matter which country of the world you are in: you may not have a pet koala. In some places, people have koalas living in or regularly wandering through their backyards, but they are not house-friendly animals, and attempts should not be made to interfere with their natural, native activities. Quite simply, koalas are a protected species...

What happens if your dog licks you out?
This is considered pet sexual abuse and is illegal . It may also cause an infection. Think about what a dog licks and eats.

How does Selmer's Pet Land treat their animals?
They treat their animals terribly! When I went there the dogs were hurt, sick, and sad! Do not ever go to Selmer's Pet Land, they hurt and abuse their animals! If i were you i would rescue a puppy or animal from Selmer's Pet Shop so the animal isn't abused and hurt anymore! Selmer's Pet land Abuses Animals!

Will local law enforcement respond to a call about animal abuse?
Usually the ASPCA (American) SPCA (Canadian) are the ones to call for animal abuse. The only time the police may get involved is if the the owner of the pet(s) have been warned on several occasions and been fined and ASPCA/SPCA comes to get the pet for it's own safety and the abuser refuses the police will be called in (at least in Canada.)

How much would it cost to buy an animal abuse rescue shelter?
It depends were u live.. but most places they let you have the pet for free if it was abused/resued.

Is it illegal to remove fangs of a snake?
Yes very because it is looked apon as animal abuse. But, I disagree with this because it is safer for pet owners to have snakes in their residents.

Is it against the law to poorly feed your pet?
That, likely, depends on where you live. In the United States, intentionally feeding your pet a diet which does not meet its nutritional needs and does not encourage good health for the pet could probably be termed neglect or abuse and, we hope, be sufficient cause for the removal of your pet from your home and "care". What, if any, punishment or penalties exist legally vary WIDELY from place to place, even within the U.S..

If you are a dog what would do?
It would depend on my life, if had a good family that didn't abuse me then I would be very happy and love my owners dearly (and were here to give you a helping hand Whether youre working probably let the pet my belly)

What were the consequences of pet abuse in the old days?
so sorry there was none its sad but if you owned it you could do what you want with it unless it was someone elses than it would be destucion of property

How many people abuse their pets?
every 10 seconds an animal is abused or abandond. nobody should abuse there pets that's just cruel and if you do you should stop immediately because it is against the law. people abuse animals cause theyre bored jobless and lazy! Maxiegrl: many times a parent who is abusive will kill or threaten to kill the household pet to intimidate the family members into sexual abuse, to make the children remain quite about previous or current...

Can pet rats survive in the wild?
no, a pet rat would never survive in the wild. Pet rats were raised as pets and are used to being fed, given water and cuddled. they would not understand what to do or how to survive if they were suddenly placed in the wild. If you do not want your rat anymore please put him/her up for adoption or give to the local human society. Do not place him/her in the wild it is...

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