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Where did the idea of Twitter come from

Valeria Down (2019-08-08)

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Here is a good history of twitter: website

30078565_356889968159183_215258131891381How come on twitter theres no upload contacts for hotmail?
This simply hasn't been developed onto the website by the Twitter creators. You could always send them feedback via their contact forms to suggest the idea.

What is jeff hardy real facebook or twitter?
@JEFFHARDYBRAND on Twitter, I have no idea about Facebook

Does Twitter have pet society?
I have no idea. :) 'o'

When did Twitter come out?
Twitter was launched on July 15, 2006.

How do you get apps on Twitter?
i have no idea because i am 8 years old and dont have twitter so why u asking?

Did Facebook come before Twitter?
Yes. Facebook was launched in 2004 whilst Twitter was launched in 2006.

Is Twitter a good idea?
It can be both good and bad, it depends on the person using it.

How is Twitter dangerous?
Twitter is dangerous because strangers could easily talk to you. It is also unmonitored by police. This means that they can easily come to you and if you have a picture of you on twitter, they could find you! You must delete Twitter in order to stay safe.

Do you have to put in your real name when you make a twitter account?
It's a good idea to but you don't have to.

Where did the word twitter come from?
It was invented by Jack Dorsey.

What will come after Facebook?
A hybrid between Facebook and Twitter.

Can buying Twitter followers be healthy for your account?
People uses different techniques to grow their followers on twitter, buying followers is not a great idea. I have a better suggestion for you if you want to invest on Twitter marketing, you can buy some quality twitter accounts with a huge fan base. These twitter account can be effectively utilized for brand marketing using a perfect marketing plan.

Does Robert Pattinson Skype?
I have no idea though probably not, he probably has a twitter. -dirt bike girl

When is 1.5.2 coming out to minecraft?
No idea. However, you can follow notch's twitter and stay updated on his progress.

How do you find one direction when they come to my state?
stalk their twitter

Who invented the Twitter?
Jack Dorsey first introduced this idea of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group. Proper Twitter was first lounched as website on 15 Jul 2006.

Why was the site Twitter started?
The site Twitter was started with the idea of sharing information between multiple people. It has now morphed into much more than that and has aided in multiple revolotions in the middle east

How come i cant change your name on twitter?
You can change your username in settings.

Where is Twitter based?
Twitter is based in a "day long brainstorming session" by some members of the podcasting company Odeo. Jack Dorsey introduced the idea of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group.

How come twitter wont let you follow more than 2000 people?
Twitter allow you to follow starting 1800 individuals individually. After the 1800 follows twitter monitors your followers. If you are not getting followers in return Twitter does not allow you to follow any further profile, as long as you get the follow back.

When kidd retro cartoon come out?
on his twitter he said dec 12 2011

How come t-mobile's not allowiing you to sign up for a twitter and 벳이스트주소 im 17?
It's a problem with t-mobile not Twitter. There may be a parental lock in place.

Who is the father of Twitter?
Jack Dorsey had the original idea. Biz Stone and Evan Williams both had a hand in making it work.

Is there a trickery behind in cheap prices if I plan to let someone manage my twitter account management services?
Not a good idea.

Why was Twitter created?
Twitter was the result of a day-long brainstorming session" at the podcasting company Odeo to end a creative slump. Jack Dorsey came up with the idea of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group.

How do you get rid of notifications from deleted twitter accounts?
Be careful with this notifications these might come from bots.

Would one direction come to Scotland?
yes, today according to Louis twitter

In To Kill a Mockingbird who has the idea to get Boo Radley to come out?
It was Dill's idea to try and make Boo Radley come out.

Is it a good idea to buy Facebook Likes and Twitter followers to help your business?
It doesn't seem to be a good idea, Facebook and Twitter are great social media platfom for business. You need to be careful when utilizing this platform for increasing brand awareness and building brand. It is very important to have an active following to drive more traffic from your pages and more engagement.

Why can't you get a twitter account and you did everything but it's not working and how come?
you have 2 b at least 13 to have a twitter account, so if you entered in a incorrect birthdate or you are under 13 its not working correctly then

What is the Function of a narrative in the adaptation of a film?
well I have to research first !! I dont have idea to answer it help me !! and follow me on twitter @bieber_ninja thanks .. LOL

When will Heartland season 6 begin?
Uhhh... Check amber marshalls twitter. Maybe it'll say there. I have no idea but I luv heartland.

Does insta twitter work?
It does infact work. Your followers may come in a day or 2 late, but they do indeed come through to your instagram. Have fun!

The first person to come up with the idea of latitude and longitude?
Aristarchus was the first person to come up with the idea of latitude and longitude. However, his idea was not articulate and other astronomers have improved this idea over the years.

Is idea a word?
Yes, idea is a word. You had a good idea to come and ask that question here.

How can diggy simmons come to your birthday?
You would have to book him. You can go to his twitter, @diggy_simmons and see in his bio, how to.

What is bad about Twitter?
people can know where you are and if you say you arent at home, some one can come rob you.

How do you get the Twitter App on the Rumor Touch for Virgin Mobile?
The phone should come with the app installed.

When does nat wolff and alex wolff's new album come out?
This October 11th check it out on twitter! :)

What is the idea that the living things only come from living things?
Biogenesis is the idea that living things come from other living things.

Any idea of when The Undertaker will come back?
Any idea when The Undertaker will come back? Without him on the show I'm getting bored.

Did sir Ludwig guttman come up with the idea of the parlympics?
yes Sir Lugwig Guttman did come up with the idea of the parlympics.

When did Adam young attend college?
He's in college now. He updated his facebook and twitter saying that he was studying for finals. Where he goes though, I have no idea

What positive impacts did the indigenous people of Peru have when it was colonized by Spain?
well i dont really no but i ave an idea of what i think g on twitter and i will tel you

Where does the word idea come from in greek?
The main words, εἶδος (eidos) and ἰδέα (idea) come from the Indo-European root *weid-, "see".

How do you get the Jonas brothers to come to your birthday?
you could write them fanmail and ask them if they can. they have a fan hotline (look on Twitter)

On twitter can people you are following but arent following you do your status come up on their home page?
No, only if they follow you.

Will Evan bourne come back?
yeah hes coming in 2-3 months he said on his twitter

Where did the idea come from for making a MAC computer?
my mom came up with the idea

When will Muse come to Malaysia again?
look up there tour dates on ...someone asked muse on twitter when they where comming to Mexico next and they answeard so you can allways trying asking muse on muselive ...twitter...

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