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The Unlimited Features of Webhosting Companies

Luke Bolt (2019-08-10)

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When shopping, you are likely to encounter many webhosting companies offering unlimited domains hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited applications that you can install in your cpanel, unlimited disk space, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts and much more unlimited hosting features! customers have been disappointed after buying unlimited cloud hosting products only to realize later that their package is very limited. For example, if a webhosting company offers you an unlimited webhosting package with 50GB hard dish and 400GB bandwidth, then it should be clear that your package is not unlimited in any way. It has a limit that you can easily reach if your traffic gets a large amount of traffic or you add lots of content.

The term unlimited is often a marketing gimmick. It gives users the impression that they are getting infinite amount of resources but resources can never be infinite. In many cases, your hosting will remain unlimited as long as you do not exceed your allocated bandwidth and hard disk space.

Of course when you exceed, you will face an extra fee for that. So consumers should look for several factors when shopping for webhosting packages and not just whether the webhosting provider offers unlimited features.

When looking for the best webhosting packages there are more important factors that you can put into consideration such as reputation of the webhost provider and the quality of their customer service. Another important factors that you can put into consideration is the breadth of third party applications that the webhosting provider has enabled in their backend. While most webhosting companies will market them as unlimited number of applications many webhosting companies probably have between 10 and 200 applications installed. The rich the variety of one-click installs the better the user experience as it allows you to install applications into your web page without going through elaborate FTP installation.

Consumers can also look at pricing offers more critically. While webhosting is generally very cheap, some webhosting companies will provide you with a very attractive hosting offer in your first year to lock you in and then charge you exorbitant fees when you renew the hosting package.

So before jumping on the unlimited offers there are many more qualitative factors that you must put into consideration to ensure you are getting maximum value from the webhosting account.

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