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What is the opposite of pleasant weather

Dillon Cota (2019-08-30)

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unpleaseant weather, bad weather, horrible weather, treachorous weather.. those are the only things that i could think of but i think that there is more

What is opposite word of pleasant?
The word opposite pleasant is "unpleasant"

Is disobedient the opposite of pleasant?
The antonym (opposite) of pleasant would simply be "unpleasant".

Use pleasant in a sentence?
That pudding is a pleasant food! The weather was very pleasant during my visit.

A sentence with pleasant?
The weather at springtime is so pleasant. Wasn't that a pleasant repast? Our dinner was pheasant, provided by a very pleasant peasant.

Opposite of awful?
pleasant, good

What is the opposite of Relevant unrelated false good or pleasant?
The opposite of relevant is irrelevant.

Sentence with the word pleasant?
I had a pleasant time at Grandma's house. It was the most pleasant thing he had every seen. The nice weather made the day much more pleasant.

Is pleasant and loathsome synonyms or antonyms?
Pleasant and loathsome are antonyms. Pleasant means nice and loathsome means hatred.

What is the opposite of petulant?
Good-natured, happy, pleasant...

What literary term is used in the sentence I began to feel unmistakably out of place in that pleasant family circle?
In context, it is irony, because the family is not pleasant at all. It is exactly the opposite. In "Wuthering Heights" it is used here to humor the reader because we know that the family is the exact opposite of "pleasant"

What is the opposite of dreadful?
The opposite of dreadful (awful) could be pleasant, pleasing, enjoyable, excellent, or well done.

Where is the best weather in the world?
The tropical regions are considered to have the best weather in the world. These areas have consistently pleasant weather patterns.

How is weather related to te water cycle?
Weather becomes pleasant . Humidity is increased in air.

What is the opposite of attitude?
There is no opposite of the noun attitude (outlook, or opinion, or temperament). The opposite of a "bad attitude" would be a pleasant, agreeable, or amiable one.

What is the opposite word of the 'bleak'?
nice, pleasant, comfortable, bright

What is the opposite of bleak?
Appealing, bright, comfortable, nice, pleasant, sunny...

What are the summer months in Poland?
They are warm sunny and pleasant opposite of us

What is the opposite of harsh?
The opposite of harsh (rough, arduous) could be easy, mild, facile, or pleasant. The opposite of harsh (crude) could be gentle, soft, or kind.

What is the weather in Australia in the month of April?
according to me April is the best month in Australia as the weather is pleasant in most of regions

What is the effect of the weather change during the water cycle?
Weather becomes pleasant . Air becomes moist after rain.

Use picking in sentence?
I enjoy picking flowers when the weather is pleasant.

What is the opposite of mean?
The opposite of mean (nasty, disagreeable) would be friendly, agreeable, or nice. The opposite of mean is to be harmonious, pleasant and empathetic. The opposite of the noun mean (an average) would be an extreme value.

What is the opposite of a perfect storm?
The ooposite of a perfect storm would be a pleasant day.

What is the opposite of mild?
The opposite could be strong or severe. For winter/weather, the opposite can be "harsh."

Is 26ºC degree Celsius hot weather?
78.8 F Very pleasant.

How do I say in Malayalam What a pleasant climate?
cosy weather (climate) or nice weather (climate) (നല്ല കാലാവസ്ഥ, ഇന്നത്തെ ദിവസം കൊള്ളാം)

What kind of weather is associated with cumulus clouds?
The type of weather associated with cumulus clouds is nice. These clouds are often called fair weather clouds, because they usually indicate pleasant weather.

Why did people move to California?
The weather in California is pleasant. Also gold was discovered in 1848.

Weather in Delhi 21st October to 10th November?
th weather between this period will be day it could be like 32-34degree celsius. but the evening will be pleasant. this the weather which is enjoyable

What is the opposite of awkward?
The opposite of awkward (in manner) could be graceful, poised, adroit, smooth, elegant, or artful. The opposite of awkward (unskilled) could be proficient, skillful, deft, or dexterous. The opposite of awkward (situation) would be comfortable, easy, or pleasant.

How do you describe good weather?
cloudless, 온라인카지노추천 fine, pleasant, radiant, summery, sunshiny, unclouded, fair

Which air pressure system is generally associated with pleasant clear weather?
High air Pressure

Antonym for the bad?
Ummm well opposite of bad is good and pleasant and mabye courteous. Sincerely, Bala

Which has the opposite meaning of icy?
If you're talking in terms of weather, then warm would be the opposite.

What is the Weather in Palma De Mallorca Spain in end of October to November?
We were in Mallorca at the end of October-December in 2010. October is still good weather and even in November the days can be clear and pleasant. However evening temperatures drop quite quickly and the chance of rain is quite high. On pleasant days you can easily sit outside in a shirt, its just when the weather comes in it can be cold.

What is the opposite to lousy?
Lousy can apply many things that it is helpful to see it in a sentence to determine an opposite. The weather was so lousy that the picnic had to be cancelled. The weather was so wonderful that we all enjoyed the picnic. In my examples, the opposite of lousy is wonderful.

How hot is 20 degrees?
20 oC is pleasant weather; 25 oC is warm to hot weather; 15 oC is cool 20 oF is below the freezing point of water

What is the weather like in Oregon in June?
In Oregon in June, the weather is generally sunny and pleasant. Temperatures average the mid to high 70s Fahrenheit, with temperatures occasionally getting into the 90s.

What is the opposite of sunny?
The opposite of sunny (weather) could be either cloudy, or rainy, or both. The opposite of sunny (disposition) could also be gloomy.

What is Pakistan weather like?
Pakistan has a variety of weather types. Central Pakistan faces extreme weather i.e. very hot in summer and very cool in winter. Northern Areas of Pakistan have pleasant weather in summer but face very cold winter.

Why do people from different religions come to the south east?
The weather is pleasant, the people are friendly, and you're close to the beaches.

Is pleasing an antonym for pleasant?
No. An antonym is a word that means the OPPOSITE of another word. So the antonym of pleasing would be displeasing.

Where is the Rock Foundation Medical Center located?
It is situated on Norfolk Road in Mt Pleasant. Opposite Arundle Office Park.

What is an interpretation of the poem 'Weather' by Thomas Hardy?
"Weathers" is a poem written by Thomas Hardy. This poem is about the pleasant weather experienced in the spring and summer, and the various activities that take place. It is also about the unpleasant weather of fall and winter, and the various activities that take place.

What is the apple drink that is liked most during Fall?
Apple Cider, because it is warm, and therefore pleasant in the cold weather.

Is the best climate in the world in Bangalore?
Certainly not. It is certainly the most pleasant, but many people like a lovely bit of snow at Christmas, or a little extreme weather to thrill them, or some cool wind or even a hot day but you get none of those here. It's just pleasant every day. No variation, nothing. It is not the best weather in the world.

What is the opposite of cruel?
The opposite of 'cruel' is 'kind'. People say 'you have to be cruel to be kind', using a common paradox. Cruelty is being unpleasant and hurtful to a person, for no apparent reason. Kindness is being pleasant and helpful to a person, for no apparent reason. Therefore the opposite of cruelty is kindness.

What is the opposite of weather?
Nautically speaking, the "weather side" is the side where the wind is coming from, and the "lee side" is the side that is sheltered from the wind.

What is the drying time of cotton in shade?
it depends on the weather if its very hot it may take 30 minutes even if its in the shade, and if the weather is pleasant/rainy then it may take 1-2 hr(s)

What were the weather conditions of Bill Clinton's Inauguration in 1993 and 1997?
1993: Sunny and pleasant with estimated noon temperature of 40°F.

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