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Dai Ninh Ecotourism Tourism and Tourism Urban Area - Davos Hills South of Dalat

Floy Nanney (2019-08-30)

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Project's name: Dai Ninh Ecological Resort, Tourism, Urban Urban Area, South of Da Lat
Project location: Ho Dai Ninh, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province
Investor: Saigon Dai Ninh Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company
Project scale: 3,595.45 ha
Part of ​​conifer coniferous forest: 1,428, 356 ha
Non-forestry land: 325.83 ha
The region of ​​Dai Dai lake bed: 1,945.87 ha
Population scale: 19,734 people staying regularly, about 20,000 people coming to the resort to reside and focus on the project.

South Dalat Urban Area Located at a prime location right in front of Highway 22, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province. Only 30 km from Da Lat City and 15 km from Lien Khuong Airport, Dai Ninh Commercial Urban Area, Ecological Tourism and Tourism Area (South of Da Lat Urban Area) may be the leading urban area in Vietnam. Southeast Asia on resort with hundreds of key construction items are formed here.

South Da Lat resort urban area shows its class, combined with criteria of bringing the most luxury to a deluxe life in the design of French architecture previously and now, the South Da Lat Urban Area is planned to be designed. Designed by world-renowned architects of the Meinhardt Group Architects Association, France Cabinet d'artchitect Tran & Caravol, Australia, Switzerland, Italy and Vietnam have designed famous buildings round the world. 5-star hotel and luxurious villas for the elite and oligarchs, the king of oil.

The project is master plan divided into 06 main subdivisions:
Area A: Lavender Bay - East ASEAN residential area:
Area: 235,350m2 with 37 buildings from 8-10-12 floors, about 4,000 5-star resort apartments with area from 50-70m2

Zone B - Summer Palaca - Summer Villa Area:

Area: 3,086,227m2 with 39 resort items here, Zone B is expected to possess about 2,280 architectural villas, detached villas, the location of ​​villas from 888.202m2

Area C: Paradise Island - Resort area:
Area: 1,840,364m2 with 16 resort categories, 06 resort hotel clusters with an overall total area of ​​up to 303,666m2

Zone D: Davos Hills - Central urban area:
Area: 2,636,713m2 6-star hotel area with Casino and 26 kinds of resort tourism (in 3 residential islands with Casino). With 761 to 1,619 architectural villas, isolated, semi-detached and isolated -> Total area around 683,344m2

Zone E: Flower Palaca - Flower Park:
Area: 6,423,594m2 with a total of 32 resort items with 376 detached architectural villas. The sum total area is up to 220,536m2

Zone G: Sun Gate - The Gate of the Sun:
Area: 61,312m2 with 6 types of tourist resorts and 132 semi-detached villas with a complete part of ​​22,284m2

South Da Lat urban area project - An international-class resort, the absolute most luxurious luxury services and facilities converge here to bring interesting experiences about your memorable vacation and your loved ones.

Particularly, the central urban area of ​​Davos Hills integrates 26 diversified resort categories to meet up the needs of tourists visiting:

6-star hotel with casino
Commercial area meets all buying needs and traditional trade villages
Spa services, beauty salon
Multi-purpose sport area including outdoor training ground, meditation garden, indoor gym
Indoor heated pool
And lots of other high-end utilities and services at the biet thu don lap davos hill Hills South of Dalat.

Dai Ninh Lake at South Dalat Urban Area Project


South Dalat Urban Area project was approved for 1/500 plan with many functional sub-areas, service utilities to create high-end living experiences only at South Dalat Resort, chi. weather:

The construction section of ​​nearly 235,350 m2 of East ASEAN residence area or Lavender Bay is planned to contain 9 construction clusters including 37 buildings from 8, 10 and 12 floors providing 6,800 apartments of about 55m2 for hot residence of the emirate Arab Middle East, wintering as Korea, Japan, ...
Summer villa area with the scale of 3,086 m2 with the style of single, duplex, quartet villas and utility works such as schools at all levels, supermarkets, markets, petrol stations ...
Paradise Island resort area has a location of ​​1,840,364m2 building a bunch of resort hotels on the lakeside, on the island, commercial centers, green landscape works, ...
Davos Hills villa area has a place of ​​2,636,713 m2, in which detached villas, semi-detached houses, hillside islands and resident islands occupy a place of ​​683,344m2 ... The rest of the area is public works. public buildings and trees.
Solar Gate Area has a place of ​​61,312 m2, including semi-detached and semi-detached villas and green parks.

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