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Make Use of The 4m's Approach to Train Leaders For Tomorrow

Paul Wicker (2019-08-31)

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It is rightly said that employees are the true assets of any organisation. The success or failure of the company is determined by the abilities of its employees which make it a must for the companies to train their employees for grooming their skills further.

There are several training institutes in Singapore which offer training programs for corporate companies. There are different types of training programs and you can choose the type of training based on the desired results. For training effective leaders, you should invest time and money in taking up leadership courses in Singapore.

According to Forbes contributor Stephen Baer, there are 4Ms which should be included in any effective training or personal development courses:

1. Micro

It is important not to overload your employees with huge modules. Just give them small segments which can be immediately practiced by them and retained easily for a longer duration. It is difficult to learn and retain information wholesale from large modules.

2. Mobile

Your training schedules for leadership courses in Singapore should be quite flexible to make it convenient for your employees to study and learn anytime and from anywhere. This can be made possible with the help of online training sessions. If they are busy working during the day time, they should have the freedom to learn from home or on weekends.

3. Memorable

It is important for the content of your training program to be memorable. If you burden the employees with a lot of theory-based modules, it would be difficult for them to retain the information. Instead try to design modules which are more practical and have a scope for experiential learning such as solving case studies and finding solutions for real-world problems.

4. Measurable

Another aspect to be considered while designing your training program is to be able to measure the growth of your employees. How do you determine if the training programs have actually helped your employees? Having small quizzes at the end of modules can be the right way to measure their learning.

Also, 카지노쿠폰 training the employees should never be a one-way process forced on them. It is imperative to take their views into consideration and ask for input and feedback. You should hold conversations with your employees about the training program and ask them about their learning goals. The input will help in making modifications in your training course and better engage the employees in future training programs.

Explore the web for more information and suggestions on how to develop the leaders of tomorrow with the help of personal development courses.

Sheng Li conducts various leadership courses in Singapore and help organisations in retaining their talented employees. He personally believes that conducting a development program at the workplace can enhance the skills of employees. Read his blog to know more about how to pick the right personal development courses and grab a better career opportunity.

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