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Top 5 Plumbing Checks to Make Before Buying a New House

Alice Parsons (2019-09-02)

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pexels-photo-1332191.jpegWhen buying a new home, most of us get lost in the aesthetics and good feeling of moving into a new place and forget to take an in-depth look towards the existing problems. There are problems even in newly built properties and as a buyer, you have all the rights to be nosy, questioning, and poke your head in every corner of the property. Plumbing issues are the most overlooked and the most irritating when they start to show up. You can save yourself of all the frustration by checking the following plumbing problems when looking for your new home.

1. Leaky Toilets: They say a washroom is a place where you can be alone with your thoughts but what if your me-time is interrupted with an irritating leaky toilet sound? When looking for a house, make sure to flush the toilet to check if it is in good condition. If the water isn't continuously running then you might have to replace the chain or flapper. If the floor surrounding the toilet feels very soft, then probably the toilet is leaking from the bottom.

2. Sewage system: Let's be real, sewage system repairs can be very costly so you need to ensure that it is in good order. If you find a lingering sewer smell then you should consult a licensed plumber for repairs. You can ask the landlord of when it was last serviced and the required frequency of service. You can call up a licensed plumber to check the sewage system for potential drainage problems.

3. Water heater: A water heater usually has a lifespan of 10 years but it also depends on its usage and maintenance. The location of the tank also plays an important part, as it can ruin the floor and the walls if it is near the living space. A licensed plumber can help you determine the life of the water heater and its safety. You can ring up You're Connected Pro Plumbing Solutions in Illawarra for heater repair, maintenance, and replacement along with various other plumbing needs.

4. The Pipes: Leaky pipes are a bummer and we are sure no one wants that. When looking for a home examine signs of puddles and corrosions. Make sure that the pipes are insulated. This will help in preventing various plumbing issues.

5. Drainage: While you are in your potential new home, turn the faucets, shower, and flush the toilets. This will help you determine the speed of the drainage system and whether there are any clogged areas or blockages in the drainage system. Be critical about the property you are buying and don't give instantly into the interior designing and the aesthetics.

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