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Where were the Japanese relocation camps located? -

Aleida Brownbill (2019-09-03)

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Japanese Relocation Camps are located on the Pacific Coast of the United States.

individualized terms and much more.vehicle relocation serviceHow do relocation camps and internment camps differ?
They really were much different Relocation Camps and Internment camps were the same thing just that relocation camps were the real camps and internment camps were where the Japanese Americans had to go before they made the relocation camps.

Japanese Americans were sent to relocation camps because of the?
suspicion of anyone of Japanese

Japanese-American citizens were asked to evacuate to what?
"War Relocation Camps"

Why were Japanese Americans sent to relocation camps?
We were at war with japan and thought that they may be spying on the US. The Japanese Americans were sent to the relocation camps because the Americans suspected that there were spies in that particular group.

Why were thousands of Japanese Americans interned in relocation camps?
Their ancestry

Who were placed in relocation camps during the war?
Japanese Americans

Who was placed in relocation camps during the war?
Japanese Americans

Why were thousands of Japanese Americans interned in the relocation camps?
Their ancestry

Why did the U.S put Japanese Americans in relocation camps?
in fear of spies.

How were the Japanese people treated in the relocation camps at Manzanar?
Treated well, but as prisoners.

Japanese Americans were sent to relocation camps because of the .?
all of the answers are correct

Where were the Internment camps in Arizona located?
There were several types of camps in a variety of states. However, there were two camps in Arizona specifically designated as "Internment" camps. Gila River War Relocation Center was located roughly 50 miles to the southeast of Phoenix, Arizona. Poston War Relocation Center was located in the Colorado River Indian Reservation, over the strenuous objections of the Natives, who found it to be unfair to the Japanese Americans. That reservation is in Yuma County.

What was the effects of the internment of Japanese Americans?
Japanese Americans had to be forced out from their homes, cities and businesses and sent to relocation camps.

What persons were placed in relocation camps during World War 2?
Japanese Americans

What were the internment camps in World War 2?
They were relocation camps for Japanese American citizens for security reasons after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 07 Dec 1941 They were not POW or concentration camps.

Who had to go to Japanese relocation camps?
The Japanese (edit) Some spelling errors and not capitalized. Also added some information (edit) Ironic. The answer is in the question. (edit name) it would be better if it said "Did all Japanese get thrown into relocation camps?"(edit name) No Japanese were left out. Whether or not they were born here or not, they were still thrown in.

How many relocation camps were there during world war two?
How many Japanese internment camps were there during World War II?

After entering World War 2 what happened to Japanese Americans?
They were relocated by the US gov to camps called war relocation camps.

Why were thousands of Japanese interned in relocation camps in World War 2?
President Roosevelt put Japanese Americans in relocation camp because of the attack on Pearl Harbor.Every body thought they were spy's.

Where were Japanese concentration camps located?
they were located in the interior of the United States _________ Are you asking about camps run for the Japanese or by the Japanese?

Three states that had Japanese relocation camps during the war?
There were seven states that had Japanese Internment Camps in the US, they were, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Arkansas, California, Idaho, and Utah.

Why were Japanese-Americans placed in random relocation camps?
The American government placed people of Japanese descent into internment camps for fear that they would be succeptible to acts of espionage.

What were Japanese interments called in world war 2?
The Japanese-American internment was euphemistically referred to as "War Relocation Camps" which was one way of calling what were essentially concentration camps .

What year were Japanese Americans sent to relocation camps?
I guess around 1945, when WWII ended.

Thousands of Japanese-Americans were interned in relocation camps based on?
Becuase thier yellow

What group of Americans did the us place in relocation camps during world war 2?
Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor. So people felt scared that Japanese and Japanese Americans in the US could try to hurt the country from within. So the US gov put them into detention camps. This fear is similar to today concerning fear of Muslims.

Where were Japanese internment camps located?
Japanese internment camps were located all over the U.S.

Why were japan put in relocation camps?
During WWII, the Japanese-Americans were placed in camps because they could not be trusted by the United States Government.

What are japense internment camps?
The Japanese interment camps are where many Japanese in America were forcibly relocated and interned. Approximately 110,000 Japanese nationals and Japanese Americans were sent to housing facilities called "War Relocation Camps", in the wake of Imperial Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor.

Here's more about Automobile transport take a look at the webpage. What forced the relocation of Japanese Americans?
The reason relocation for Japanese Americans was put to use. Was due to the fact of the bombing Pearl Harbor. The American people were so stereotypical that they thought all Japanese people were linked to the attack on Pearl Harbor. They were taken to places almost like the concentration camps in Germany. But these relocation camps were meant for holding people until the war with Japan was over. Not for exterminating a race from existence.

Why did the US government intern many Japanese Americans in relocation camps?
Americans thought Japanese Americans were helping japan during ww2

What was the forced relocation of Japanese-American during world war 2 called?
"Japanese-American internment" where US citizens sere forcibly relocated into what was euphemistically referred to as "War Relocation Camps" : Executive Order 9066 .

Where were the relocation camps for the Japanese in the US during World War 2?
US Internment Camps during WW II The related link site will have a map of all the Japanese-American Internment camps in the United States during World War II.

Which groups was treated badly by the US during World War 2?
Japanese-Americans who were compelled to enter into relocation camps .

Why did Japanese Americans go to relocation camps?
Some were worried that the Japanese Americans would help the Japanese if the Japanese invaded the west coast. Others just wanted an opportunity to steal the property of the Japanese Americans.

Why were the Japanese americans placed in concentration camps during World War 2?
They weren't. The government just feared that many of them were also Japanese spies, and put as many of them as the gov. could find and put them into RELOCATION camps. Though later, many of these relocatees recalled how the camps were very much like concentration camps.

Where were the Japanese internment camps located?
in california.

Why were the Japanese Americans held in relocation camps during World War 2?
Because the U.S. government thought that some of them might be spies.

Where in the US were the Japanese internment camps located?
They are located in the United States

What kind of camps are in America?
America did not take part in the final solution, only the Nazis did. In America there humanely run Prisoner of War camps, Unlike the Nazi system There were also relocation camps for Japanese Americans living on the west coast.

What has the author Roger Daniels written?
Roger Daniels has written: 'Racism in California' -- subject(s): Race relations, Minorities 'Prisoners without trial' -- subject(s): Japanese Americans, History, Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945, World War, 1939-1945 'American Concentration Camps: A Documentary History of the Relocation..' 'Concentration Camps' 'An age of apology?' -- subject(s): History, Restorative justice, Reparations 'The fierce-fighting Sioux turned Christian' -- subject(s): Siouan Indians 'Concentration camps, North America' -- subject(s): Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945, Japanese Americans, Japanese, Canada 'Eleanor Roosevelt' 'Rice and...

What did Americans do to the American Japanese citizens during ww2?
After the attack upon Pearl Harbor that was commited without warning, the United States declared war on Japan. The citizens of America knew that there were Japanese - Americans living in the United States. They were worried that any one of the Japanese living in America could be a spy or a sabateur. To make sure that this did not happen president Roosevelt ordered that the Japanese - Americans be placed in relocation camps. Unlike...

Were Japanese forced to live in internment camps?
Yes it is true. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, President FDR issued Executive Order 9066 which lead to the relocation of thousands of Japanese-Americans to internment camps. Though not as harsh as concentration camps set up by the Germans, people died and living conditions were rough.

What were the relocation camps built with?
bones and sperm

What werer relocattoin camps what people were sent to relocation camps during World War 2 Why were they sent to them?
Relocation camps were camps where people were kept. Mostly Jews were kept there, but there were other people. They were sent there because Germany and the Nazis hated them!

Where were Japanese Americans sent during World War 2?
During World War 2, Japanese Americans were sent to Department of Justice Internment Camps in Texas, Idaho, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Montana. There were three types of camps. Civilian Assembly Centers were temporary camps, frequently located at horse tracks, where the Nisei were sent as they were removed from their communities. Eventually, most were sent to Relocation Centers, also known as internment camps. Detention camps housed Nikkei considered to be disruptive or of special...

What was the US Supreme Court case Korematsu v US about?
This was a case determining the constitutionality of putting Japanese Americans into "relocation" camps or internment camps. The Supreme Court decided that internment camps were constitutional because of military urgency, and that protection from espionage far outweighed Korematsu's (and thus all Japanese American's) individual rights.

What were the benefits of Japanese Internment in America during World War 2?
Thousands of Japanese-Americans were forced to live in Japanese internment camps in the U.S. There were really no benefits to the relocation and it proved to be the largest violations of civil liberties in American history.

How can I find the names of the Japanese people that were put in internment camps during world war 2?
There isn't a consolidated online resource for finding the identities of Japanese people placed in internment camps. One would have to inquire with the Department of Justice or search through records of the War Relocation Authority.

Where were the camps located for Japanese Americans?
because the people did not like blacks

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