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What is an independent contractor? -

Terrie Doe (2019-09-18)

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At Colorado Bath An independent contractor refers to a person who is self-employed. An independent contractor may also be referred to as a freelancer.

Are you an employee or an independent contractor if you are paid a 1099 salary?
How you are paid does not determine whether you are a contractor. If you are properly an independent contractor, you can be paid on a 1099.

You are required as an independent contractor to file what type of taxes?
You are required as an independent contractor to file what type of taxes?

Does the legal doctrine respondeat superior apply to an independent contractor?
Respondeat superior - Latin for "let the master speak" does not apply to the acts of an independent contractor. Of course, it all depends on your jurisdiction. Different states have different laws, but normally, you cannot sue an employer for the acts of an independent contractor. Of course, to make things more difficult, each state has its own definitions of what an independent contractor are. Generally, the more control the employer has over a person...

Does an independent contractor need a license to work for a contractor?
Yes, If the work performed requires a license.

In Georgia can your check be garnished if you are an independent contractor?
If you are an independent contractor in Georgia, you should not have a regular paycheck that can be garnished. If you have a regular paycheck from one specific employer and taxes are taken out, it can be garnished.

Can a bookkeeper be an independent contractor without a license?
Yes. You do not need a license to be a bookkeeper. However, a determination must be made to whether or not the classification as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee is correct.

What is the difference between a vendor and an independent contractor?
An independent contractor is a hired individual who is not an employee and works at a set price. A vendor is a person or group that sells products or services independently.

Can a newspaper carrier collect unemployment?
Not if you are an independent contractor.

What is the difference between an independent contractor and a small business person?
A small business person may be an independent contractor, meaning only that he or she sells services for a fee, as opposed to being an employee (which is distinctly not "independent"). An independent contractor refers to anyone selling you services (often a corporation or LLC, but also any small business), as long as it is not a joint venture or employment relationship.

Can an independent contractor also be a subcontractor?
yes they can - a prime contractor holds the actual contract and then in essence hires a subcontractor to do some of the work. an independent contractor is not an actual employee of whoever is paying him for his work. so there is no reason one person can't be both and often they are

Can a contractor collect unemployment in Ohio?
According to the Related Link below, an independent contractor is not eligible for unemployment compensation in Ohio.

When should you file a schedule K?
You are required as an independent contractor to:

Can you be paid as an employee and as independent contractor?
Not usually by the same employer. Go to the web site and use the search box for Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee? Click on the below Related Link

Can an independent contractor incorporate?
yes Just check your state laws

What is the best way to gift or give a powerful computer to an independent contractor and keep them independent tax wise of course if at all possible you would like to keep some strings attached?
The best way to give a to an independent contractor is to wrap it nicely put your contact information and then send it to him.

Can you withhold funds from independent contractors for any damages that they do while in your employ?
First an independent contractor is a self employed taxpayer and would NOT be your employee and you are NOT the independent contractors employer.

What is a sentence for independent?
Here are some sentences. She is an independent contractor. He is an independent fellow.

What is the difference between independant contractor and employee?
An independent contractor is someone who works for themselves not a company. They can work for someone else but not be employed by them. An employee is employed by a company.

Your roommate is independent contractor who receives her clients and paycheck through another company should she be reimbursed for her time during travel as well as mileage between clients?
No, not if she's and "independent" contractor, the company just gets clients for her and takes their cut of her pay.

Can you get unemployment if you only received a 1099?
Probably not. A 1099 is not given to an employee, but to an independent contractor.

Why is it important to make a distinction between an employee and an independent contractor?
An employer can be vicariously liable for the torts committed by an employee while they are in the scope of their employment in certain situations. An employer will not normally be held vicariously liable for the torts of an independent contractor because of a lack of supervisory control.

What do you think the correct attire is for a Retail Independent Contractor?
A suit,tie,dress shoes and and a coat.

Is a carpet installer an employee or independent contractor?
It's just a job description like plumber, electrician etc. So could be an employee working for a company or a self-employed contractor. If not self-employed, the fitter in question would be defined as working for the contractor, the contractor being the company who took on the work.xx

Where can I find insurance agent software that will work for a independent contractor who is selling life insurance?
You can find insurance agent software that will work for a independent contractor who is selling life insurance at website Another good website is website

Is there a standard legal contract for a self employed agent?
No. Each independent contractor negotiates his own terms.

What is the cost of general liability insurance for an independent contractor?
It all depends on the overall risk exposure. Without knowing what type of contractor you are and what you annual volume is, there is no way to guess what you might pay for your insurance.

How is an Independent contractor exempt from workmans compensation law?
Where can I find an exemption from workman's compensation form? Thanks Dee

Does homeserve own imperial consultants ltd?
No, imperial is an independent company. With no links to homeserve or any other contractor

If an independent contractor lives in Arizona and works in Montana which state does he need his license through?
He needs to be licensed in Montana.

Can your check be garnished if you are an independent contractor in new york?
In California, yes, and they will take the whole thing, not just 25%

Which professions requires entrepreneurial skills?
taxi driver, A plumber who works as an independent contractor and A dentist with a private office

Is it possible to get an individual Flexible Spending Account FSA as an independent contractor 1099?
An independent contractor can get a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if they meet the qualifications to have an FSA. They must be covered under a high deductible health insurance plan and have no other health coverage. They can not be enrolled in Medicare or be claimed as a dependent on anyone's taxes.

How much do a directv installer make every 2 weeks?
Depending on whether you are an independent contractor or a sub-contractor for an HSP (home service provider) you can make between 1200-2800 every two weeks.

How much does a certified massage therapist make an hour in a chiropractic office?
It depends on whether you are working for them as an independent contractor or an employee. If you are an independent contractor you usually work by a percentage rate. That can range between 40-60%/ If you are and employee you may work at an hourly rate. You could expect to get anything from $12-$20 per hour.

Definition of a person who works for himself and offers services on a contract basis?
The terms private or independent contractor could be used.

If collecting unemployment in California can you work as independent contractor?
Yes, as long as you report your income weekly. They will then adjust your benefits accordingly.

What is a government contractor?
An independent individual or company that provides a service to a government. They are not employed by the government, just doing work or them on contract.

Can an independent contractor work under someone elses business license?
Whether a contractor can work under another's business license depends on the type of business license. If someone has a corporation then they can have a lot of businesses under their license.

Can a person be a employee and an independent contractor at the same time?
A person should not be an employee and independent contractor at the same time - By the same employer. this is a red flag for the IRS to come and audit. There are cases when an Independent Contractor can have a separate W-2 (employee) position, but it should not be for the same employer. Also in special cases, university professors or individuals working in specialized fields may work on the side as a consultant or...

If you are self employed and receive 100 percent of your income from one person are they your employer?
Not if you are a self employed taxpayer. For more information go to website and use the search box for Independent Contractors vs. Employees Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee? In determining whether the person providing service is an employee or an independent contractor, all information that provides evidence of the degree of control and independence must be considered.

What is economic reality test?
The economic Reality Test is a test used by courts to further determine between an employee and an independent contractor. They use this mainly to determine if payroll taxes should have been paid on a person working for a business. If the contractor end up being classified as an employee, the business owes payroll taxes on the money paid to that person. If the person is determined to be an independent contractor, then the person...

Does a contractor need to have workman's comp on his siblings?
As an example: in Washington state, a sole proprietor contractor is required to have worker's compensation on his siblings if they work for him as employees; they are not required to have it if they are independent contractors themselves and subcontract to the contractor sibling. If the contractor is a corporation, worker's compensation is not necessary if the siblings are established as officers of the corporation; otherwise, if employees, it is required. These are the...

Can an independent contractor be forced to buy a workers comp ins policy?
Yes, or provide a different one, or not take the job assignment.

What is nonstatutory income?
Other income that you receive from your own business operations. Nonstatatutory income (independent contractor) self employed taxpayer

How much does a cable TV installer make at dish TV?
It depends if you are a independent contractor, work for a Dish retailer or work for corporate.

What is the pay rate for an electrician in Ontario?
It depends on whether the electrician is an independent contractor or a paid employee. Independent contractors can earn $60/hr or more depending on their bid for a particular job. Larger companies will typically bill their electricians out at $80/hr or more but the employee rarely takes home as much as the independent contractor. Independent contractors often acquire additional income from the sale of materials and fixtures to their clients. Of course you must weigh the...

Can you apply for unemployment if your full time job is now being turned into an independent contractor?
You should first contact your employment security office because the employer is relieving himself from the liability of paying payroll taxes that support the state's unemployment funding. Independent contractors cannot receive unemployment benefits by the definition in labor law. If an employer controls the conditions of your work (i.e.hours, workplace, conditions, requirements, etc.) you are an employee, NOT an independent contractor.

I want to work but im olny 14. Is it allowed by the law in Texas?
if you sign on working as a independent contractor you can work at any age...

Is it a federal offense to open the mail of an independent contractor that rents space?
the answer is yes it is a federal offense only the person who it is addressed to may open it

How do you file taxes as an independent contractor?
You should complete 1040 Schedule C and 1040SE and any additional forms that apply such as depreciation, etc.

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