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What role has the smith got in a medieval castle? -

Heike Mccracken (2019-09-21)

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they worked the metal for the castle's Steward or lord such as horseshoes, tack and harness, also repairing weapons and armour , would also provide basic maintenance for any metal product required by the villagers or servants, such as sharpening or fixing the plow blade, or sharpening axes used for chopping fire wood

Why did Jo Ann Castle leave the Lawrence Welk Show?
Jo Ann Castle and boyfriend Steve Smith got into a bar fight in Detroit Michigan and embarrassed Lawrence Welk.

How did a medieval castle access clean water?
If they were lucky they had a well that was able to give a continual source of water. If there was no well then they had to bring water to the castle. That could be by carrying buckets of water from a river or lake to the castle. There were people that had that as a job. If the castle was in an area where there was a lot of rain they got smart and...

What did medieval knights do int their free time?
they never actually got free time. Protecting the people and he castle plus fights they never get free time

Has Matt smith got eyebrows?
He does, however they are so sparse that for the role of the Doctor they are dyed darker to make them look thicker.

Where did medieval lords get their food?
Medieval lords got their food from the peasants

In club penguin how do you get the castle pin?
You could have got it during the medieval party in summer 2009. Now the pin is no longer available. I'm glad to have helped! :D :) PS Now there is a firework pin at the lighthouse.

How did medieval towns develop?
They grew because there were lots of trade and they were lots castle building which got lots of people from other countries to build castle.the people need more food so they are more markets

Why did Caerphilly Castle get built?
Caerphilly castle got built in 1268.

Has Jaden Smith got hot mail?
no jaden smith has not got hotmail

Where did a Medieval Queen live?
A queen usually lived with a king, and their home was usually a palace, or, in times of unrest, a castle. Sometimes a dowager queen lived in a nice manor house. Queens who got themselves into trouble sometimes were imprisoned in a castle, Eleanor of Aquitaine being an example. Queens sometimes retired to convents.

Who got involved in social activities in a medieval castle?
There were no "social activities" as we know them in a middle age castle. This wasn't a fun place and was all business of living and survival. Modern people have a view that the castle had big feasts and parties this is far from the truth. There were 8 holidays a year and they were centered around the church. Christ Mass was made up of 4 masses with a dinner at the end of the...

What careers did people have in Medieval Times?
Good question, in medieval times the castle was divided up into 6 parts (social structure): Kings/ queens- ruled the whole castle and could demand anything of people bellow them Barons- who worked directly for the king Knights- who garded the castle to make sure no outsiders got in Freeman- who lived life normally with normal jobs Lords- Ruled a village or town for the king/queen Villeins- whom the kings and queens hired to be slaves...

What did medieval women wear when they got married?
well, medieval women got married, they wore dresses made of bear fur that was rare back then.

How did they build a castle?
They started with sand and got brick and put them together to make a castle.

Who was the first rapper nominated for an acting Oscar?
Will Smith was the first rapper nominated for an Oscar for his role as Muhammad Ali in Ali (2001). If you want to learn more information about Design – Service – Repair – Replacement stop by the site. Queen Latifah was the first woman rapper. She got nominated for an Oscar for her role in Chicago (2002).

What education did medieval farmers get?
Many medieval farmers got none for being peasants- no reading or writing

Why was Julian Smith on Britain's Got Talent?
Julian Smith played the saxophone on Britain's Got Talent.

Where did Jayden Smith get his name?
He got it from his mum Jada Smith!

If there was a war would the cook of the medieval castle fight too?
that depends on how many people are attacking. now, if you had a lot of well-trained knights fighting for you, then maybe not. but if the gates got broken down and you were invaded, everyone probably would fight, including the cook.

Is kc2h3o2 a salt?
yes it is i got it from castle learning =)

Why did the Douglass castle got destroyed?
because of the disease

What rhymes with castle?
Hassle, tassel, vassal, Billy Joe and Bobbi Sue got caught robbing a man's castle and got into a great big hassle. Nothing Rhymes with castle it's just like Orange and Silver Hassle. Tassel.

What happens if a medieval knight got hurt?
he would get help !

Did any medieval kings get special treatment?
All medieval kings got special treatment compared to the way commoners were treated.

What did William of Normandy do before 1066?
He had a castle and he got married

How has Farnham castle changed?
it has got bigger and that means it has changed.

Who designed the Smithsonian museum castle?
James renwick jr. Desinged and built the smithsonian castle.... He got exepted to build it in 1874...... :)

How did the medieval people get their weapons?
They got their weapons, because they had black smiths

What time do medieval peasants go to bed?
When it got dark. No lights.

Has jaden and Willow Smith got facebook?
Yes, both of there names are: Jaden Smith Willow Camile Reign Smith

When did dick smith get married?
In 1967 Dick Smith got married to Phillipa McManarney

Was captain John Smith ever married?
John Smith never got married

Does Willow Smith got a boyfriend?
Does Willow Smith have a boyfriend is the correct way of asking this.

Will Smith got twins?
Okay, one-Don't you mean, "Does Will Smith have twins?' and two- No.

How could we use roll and role in a sentene?
I was on a roll when I got my role

What are 3 advantages of being a great lord medieval times?
They got to wear bright clothes. They got to have a fiefdom, and they got to be surrounded by granguer and finery

How Willow Smith got famous?
She got famous by singing and showing the world

Where are the depths of peach's castle?
In the middle of her castle the heart of her castle and plus u got to help me try to beat him to the point where u succeed trust me it makes more if u DON'T think about it

Has Will Smith got any pets?
Will smith does have pets he has a dog. Besides, why do you need to know! He is my dad!

What does a medieval grave digger get paid?
No doubt, they would of got paid money...

How did Newcastle under-lyme get its name?
Newcastleunder -Lyme got its name because the Normans built a castle. I don't know why it was called the 'new' castle, maybe there was a older castle or fortress nearby.

How did Selena Gomez get a role on Wizards of Waverly place?
She auditioned for it and got a role.

Which media company uses a picture of neuschwanstein castle as a logo?
The Disney Company. Because Walt got his idea for the "Cinderella" Castle from Neuschwanstein in Bavaria.

How did they defend the Bastille?
The men in the castle had muskets and fired of the top at peasents and soldiers, but eventually the peasents and soldiers got in an executed the leader of Bastille the castle.

Why did John Smith return to England in 1609?
John Smith got injured from a gun powder explosion>

How do you defend a castle from a catapult attack?
Catapults weren't able to fire from a long distance, so if the castle had a moat or was built on a hill it had some protection. The catapult could also be fired on from the castle if it got too close. Making the castle walls thick would help the castle to resist missiles from catapults.

Did medieval queens go to a special school?
Queens got education from personal teachers who came to their kingdom to teach. These teachers were very hard to find in the medieval times.

Why did the king get his man to build the castle not him?
He got his men to do it because he has very much work to do, and if he built the castle, who would run the kingdom? The king doesn't have a subsitute!

What is the height and length of an ordinary castle?
Well that could be anything. no such thing a as ordinary castle. I do not know that but I guess you got to average up a lot of castles to find the answer.

When did Jaden Smith Have Braces?
i think he got them this year :)

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