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Do you need a Facebook to play FarmVille

Marquis Lemus (2019-09-21)

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I only play Farmville on facebook, but you can go to the Zynga website and play Farmville there, but that too needs a facebook acount to attatch too.

No you can't get Farmville off Facebook. I only play on Facebook. Farmville's best on Facebook. I can get it on the Zynga website because I'm on Facebook.

I don't have a Facebook account how can I play Farmville?
You can't play farmville without a facebook profile. To play farmville you will have to create a profile on facebook. Once you have signed up you will then have to search for farmville on facebook or go to website and then login using your facebook profile.

Where is can you can play farmville?
Facebook is the website where you can play Farmville.

Are netbooks good to play farmville on facebook?
Yes farmville dosen't need a good computer to run it. it cool

Where can you play Farmville?
the only place that you can play farmville is facebook.

What do you need to download to play your FarmVille?
Nothing, just go to FarmVille on Facebook (Or if you already play it.) and click "Go to Application". Hope this helps!

Farmville for kids to play for free with no doanload?
yes. its free and there are no downloads. but you need to have a facebook to play it.

How do you play FarmVille free?
You can play Farmville for free by adding the application on your Facebook page. To do this, either accept an invitation to play from a friend, click on a Farmville advert on Facebook pages, or search applications for Farmville.

Can you play Farmville anywhere other than Facebook?
You can play farmville on Facebook, Myspace,, and also from the iphone.

Where can you play Farmville for free without going through Facebook?
You can go to website but you need to log on through facebook.

Can you play farmville without going on facebook?
sadly no you cant but you can still play on facebook if you dont have have an account all you need need is your age, gender, email adress and you need to make a password.

You want FarmVille but you dont want Facebook?
I don't think this is possible. Even if you go to website you still need to connect with facebook. If you're a kid, ask if you can use your mom's fb, or your dad's, so you can play farmville. Otherwise, if you want to play farmville, then you have to make a fb account.

Farmville to play not on Facebook?
You can play

Where can you play farville other than Facebook?
No. You have to have a facebook to play Farmville or Cityville.

Is there FarmVille 2?
Yes, there is a Farmville 2. You can play it on Facebook, or directly on Zynga. You can link the Zynga game to your Facebook game. By going directly through Zynga, there is a feed of people sharing, so it does not rely on posting things to your Facebook to get what you need.

Where can you play FarmVille not on Facebook?
I wanna play but you cant ! I cant go on facebook! Im sorry but you can only play on facebook. someone said that you can go on it by going to the following i did not try this or if you can get onto Myspace - you could try YoVille, which is similar to Farmville and developed by Zynga (same people that did farmville) you can play farmville on zynga but i dont...

How do you play Farmville without going on Facebook ?
At this moment u can't.... There are other farm based games and apps u can download and play not through facebook but to play actuall facebook farmville not on facebook is impossible as of right now

Is farmville for girls?
Farmville, is for both genders. there is over 2 million users on facebook that play farmville, and there is both genders that play that game.

Can you play games on Facebook?
Farmville is a game....

When you play FarmVille on Zynga is it free?
Yes,FarmVille is a 100% free FaceBook game.

Do you have to have a Facebook to play pet ville?
Yes you have to have Facebook to play Petville, Farmville, Cafe World etc.

Where can i go to play Farmville that is not on Facebook?
yu cant. facebook o nly, mafia wars yu play on alot of different places website However, it is still linked to facebook, so you need to be logged in to you FB account.

How do you adopt an animals in Farmville on Facebook?
To adopted animals for farmville on facebook, your friends have to play farmville, and if an animal arrives, they can post it up for adoption on their wall. Then you just click adopt, and you have adopted it :)

When you click to play farmville on facebook it starts to load then freezes all the time Why is this and how can you get around this problem to play farmville on facebook?
hi, 온라인바카라사이트 this happened to me, all i needed to do was update my flash player

Is the game 'Farmville' only available to play on Facebook?
It has its own website as well.

Where online do you have to go to play farmville that is not on Facebook?

Can you play FarmVille on XBOX 360?
No, but it has facebook capabilities.

Can you play FarmVille without having a Facebook?
Unfortunately you can't. Farmville is a Facebook application. For more information check the related question posted below.

Can you play Farmville without having a facebook account?
Unfortunately, no. Farmville has teamed up with Facebook because it wants to advertise and make money by the cash they sell in real life. And of course people would like to play, but they can't unless they have a Facebook account. So, Farmville makes money and Facebook gets more people using it.

How do you get FarmVille for Facebook?
First you have to join Facebook and become a member once you have your own page you can then search for " Farmville application" and play it. You type Farmville up in search bar in the top right hand corner

Is it possible to play farm ville not on Facebook?
No. Farmville is a Facebook application, and therefore must be played while on facebook.

How old do you have to be to play Farmville on Facebook?
well you have to be at least 13-14 to have facebook but i think as long as someone who has logged in and lets you on farmville/other games any age

How do you play Farmville if the IT person at your office has blocked Facebook?
If the Internal Tech blocked Facebook at your office, then there's a reason that they've done it. It's wise to follow their rules and not be on Facebook when you should be busy working at your office. You can wait to play FarmVille when you get home from work.

Can you play ninja wars without Facebook?
Like farmville, probably not.

What is the most addicting game on Facebook that there is?
I think farmville is the most addicting game in facebook because many of my friends are playing that game in facebook,..I cant almost eat when i am playing farmville,,.Its not boring to play because there are many surprises to see and to play so come and visit me in farmville and dont forget to give me some gifts OK! thank you

Is FarmVille free?
Yes, FarmVille is 100% free all you need is a Facebook account, which is also 100% free!

Why do you get redirected from FarmVille on Facebook?
Farmville is a game that is played on Facebook as well as the site. Information regarding all updates to your game is stored at Zynga and data that you play on Facebook needs to be transfered to Zynga. You can play on the Zynga site with out Facebook, but you will not have all the tools for friend updates and gifts. Information travels back and forth if you use Facebook. You can also play...

Can you play farmville on the dsi?
No, because that game is on facebook, and facebook flash games do not work on the DSi system. Sorry!

How do you access FarmVille?
you can go to, but i usually use my facebook search bar and type "fa" and then farmville appears and i click on it and i play.

At Facebook roller coaster and farmville doesn't work when i turn it on nuthin happens screen is jsut white and farmville song comes out why tell me you want to play it tell me why?
you can try going onto website to play and sign in with your facebook acc.

Is farmville on other websites apart from facebook?
No farmville is not on any other website other than or, both of which you need to log-in via your facebook email and password.

Where can you find Farmville not on facebook?
Go to the Zynga website and you should be able to play on there

Why cant play farmville in your facebook but can sent gift and request?
you probably don't have the latest adobe flash yet. you don't need adobe to send request.

What do Cows Harvest on FarmVille on facebook?
To harvest cow on farmville you need to click it. Your character will then go over to the cow and harvest it.

How do you use FarmVille?
If your asking how you can play you can sign up for Farmville via your Facebook account. If you don't have one Facebook is free to sign up. If you are asking how to play it is pretty straight forward, you plant crops, make money and build your farm. Even though it sounds boring its quite addictive. If you need some tips on which crops are best check out http:/

Are they having problems on Facebook with FarmVille?
they are not having problems on facebook with farmville.

Is there a FarmVille for MySpace?
No, the Farmville app is not available on myspace. You can, however, access Farmville from website but you need a Macromedia Flash Player to work it. Facebook is the only other alternative.

Why you can't play FarmVille in your facebook?
Usually when you can't get on farmville, you need a new e-mail for Facebook. If that doesn't work, you need to bookmark farmville. If that doesn't work, you may need to verify your account. If that doesn't work, try playing on If thoes suggestions don't work besides going on and you didn't try going on, go back to this question and click the link below. If the link doesn't work then type...

Why can't i see my app requests on facebook farmville?
Because the facebook app probably has a bug that they need to fix

Is FarmVille free to play?
yes of course just make sure you have a facebook account

Is there a site other than Facebook to play farmville?
Yes there is. See related link.

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