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How many songs with love in the title

Vicente Lovett (2019-09-22)

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A Groovy kind of love

All I want to do is make love to you

All you need is love

As long as you love me

All out of love

An everlasting love

And I love you so

Burning love

Can you feel the love tonight

Can't help falling in love

Crazy little thing called love

Crazy love

Don't you love me anymore

Endless love

Everlasting love

Everything I love

Feel like makin love

Glory of love

Greatest love of all

How deep is your love

I can love you like that

I can't believe you are in love with me

I could fall in love

I didn't know I was looking for love

I honestly love you

I just called to say I love you

I knew I loved you

I love the way you love me

I love you always forever

I love you for sentimental reasons

I wanna love you forever

I want to know what love is

Is there a song with the title ''I Love You''?
yes there is a song titled I love you.....but there are many songs by many different people that have that title.

Songs that don't have song title in?
There are many. Unchained Melody is a good example. the title phrase appears nowhere in the song. ( oh, My Love, My Darling, I hunger for your touch...) There are many such songs. ( Greensleeves) is a good example. as far as I know there is no generic term for such songs.

How many songs have Jones in the title?
Songs with jones in the title

What are ten songs with shack in the title?
love shack - B52s

What songs have the word 'how' in the title?
Lil Wayne How to love

What songs have the word who in them?
There are many songs that have the word "who" in the title. They include Who Are You? by The Who, Who Do You Love? by Bo Diddley, Who Is It by Michael Jackson, Who Made Who by AC/DC, and Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp) by Barry Mann.

Why were the beatles songs about love?
MANY of The Beatles' songs were not about love. The songs that were about love were most likely written because the writer was in love...

How many Christmas songs have the word Christmas in the title?
i think 500 songs.

Who wrote the song 'Cute sayings'?
There isn't a song with the title "Cute Sayings". However, there are many songs that have cute sayings. For 온라인슬롯머신사이트 example, "You are precious and I love you".

How many songs have the word holiday in the title?
i think 500 songs have the word holiday in it.......

What songs have the word tender in the title?
No telling how many there are, but here's a few: Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley Tenderness by General Public Tender is the Night by Jackson Browne

Is it true that all songs have their title in them?
No it is not. There are many songs that do not have their title in them. Take for example, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Nowhere in the song do they sing either "bohemian" or "rhapsody."

How many Beatle's songs have love in the title?
Ummm...I was born in 2000 so i don't know know about that shiz Edit: there were 15, but 2 or 3 were lovin(g) and one was in parentheses.

How many songs are on Beyoncé's album Dangerously in Love?
There are 18 songs on Beyoncé's album Dangerously in Love.

Which songs have the word baby in the title?
Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby, I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton I Love to Love You Baby - Donna Summer

What are Skillet's songs about?
Most of Skillet's songs are about Jesus but many of them are also love songs.

How many love songs are there?
Over 100. People love love. ;)

Why is the Song of Solomon called the song of songs in some bibles?
It is considered the ultimate- or Ne Plus Ultra of love songs- hence Song of Songs.- a powerful title like King of Kings ( Christ)./

How many songs have glory in the title?
There are thousands of songs that have the word glory in their titles. Most of those songs fall under the gospel category.

How many songs did Elvis Presley record in total?
He recorded over 800 songs in total and 21 songs with the word blue in the title.

How many country songs have the word cowboy in the title?
When I looked on itunes there were over 125 songs with the word cowboy in them.

How many songs have the word day in the title?
exactly 42'869 as of 2011

Do men sing more love songs for women than women do for men?
I think so, I find that me and many many guys end up singing tons of love songs all of the time, Many of the great rockers out there wrote rock and roll love songs.

I love yousong?
There are many artists who have titled their songs "I Love You". For example, The Beatles, Barney, Martina McBride, and The Zombies all have songs titled "I Love You".

Who sang one love originaly?
There are a number of songs with that title, but the most popular among them was originally sung by Bob Marley.

How many pages does The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love have?
The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love has 408 pages.

Why does Taylor swift write love songs?
She write only love songs cuz she has been in several relationships and many breakups that she makes love songs to make her self get over the sadness and the pain.

What is Justin Bieber's job title?
Justin Bieber's job title is singing! He has had a ton of songs like Baby, I'll never let you go, Love me, One time and more!

Song title ideas for writing a song?
him,her,god,emotions, experiences,love,magic,holidays,school or work,love ones,songs about songs,peace,the planet and the list goes on and on but the best is what ever you feel just write it down and jam:)

How many songs have the word machine in the title?
Welcome to the Machine..Pink Floyd

How many songs have Amanda in the title?
Amanda by Boston and Amanda by Waylon Jennings

How many songs with Delilah in title?
hey there delilah-plain white tees

What are some songs that kids love to sing along to in the car?
There are many songs that kids love to sing along to in the car. Some of the songs kids love to sing along to are "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old McDonald".

How many songs in the world are about love?

Who wrote the song with the word 'moon' in the title?
There are so many songs with moon in the title, please be more specific.

How many songs did Elvis Presley record with the word blue in the title?
According to the "Golden Oldies" quiz on iLike Music, it is 19 Elvis Presley recorded 21 songs with the word blue in the title according to very many reliable sources.

What beatles song does not have the title in the lyrics?
There are a couple songs that do not have the title in the lyrics. -A Day In The Life -Tomorrow Never Knows -Love You To -The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill -Flying -Wild Honey Pie

Who wrote the song where is the love?
There are many bands who have songs named "Where is the Love." Two of the most popular songs titled "Where is the Love" were written by the Black Eyed Peas and Hanson.

What songs are there in the album Love Gun by Kiss?
The album Love Gun was a very popular and well known album by the rock band Kiss. The songs include "I Stole Your Love", "Christine Sixteen" and many other songs.

How many times did The Beatles use the word love in their songs?
The Beatles used the word love 613 times in their songs. (They are truly amazing.)

Songs with Honky Tonk in the title?
There are 15 songs with "Honky Tonk" in the title, listed on Rapsody

Is there a version of hallelujah sung in Hebrew?
There are many Hebrew songs and versions with the title "Halleluyah"

How many song titles include the word stranger?
what songs have the word stranger in the title

How many Beatles songs have countries in the title?
Two: Back in the USSR and Norwegian Wood

Who originally sang you got the love?
Two different songs have charted with that title: Rufus (with chaka khan) in 1974 Morrison's Lollipop in 1968

What songs were played on Delilah tonight?
many of love songs just turn off the tv and turn on the radio to 97.3 and relax with your love ones

What are the characteristics of Filipino seasonal songs?
Many Filipino songs have similar characteristics. They are often about love, feelings, and the emotions people deal with when losing a love.

How many cover Songs did The Ramones do?
Baby i love you

How many songs have the word love in it?
basically all

Songs with the word love in the title?
LED ZEPPELIN: Whole Lotta Love MEGADETH: Loved To Deth VAN HALEN: Ain't Talkin Bout Love, Why Can't This Be Love, When Its Love MOTLEY CRUE: Sick Love Song,Too Fast For Love,Too Young to Fall in Love

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