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When were the first mini computers produced? -

Quyen Rosenberger (2019-09-23)

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* Virus/Spyware Removal - Mini computers are smaller computers that sell for much less than regular computers. The first mini computers were produced in the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1962.

What are the names of the computers the apple has produced?
imac,macbook pro,macbook air,mac mini

What is a super mini computers?
Super mini computers is a high speed performance compared to ordinary mini computer. and also has a large amount of memory compare to mini computers and also most powerful type of mini computers, capabilities more commonly associated with mainframes.

What year was the mini 14 first produced in stainless steel?
Not sure but I have a 181 model that was produced in 1979 and it is of the stainless flavor....

When was the first mini cooper car created?
The first Mini Cooper prototype was created in 1957, while the first car produced from a production facility was announced to the public in April of 1959.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mini computer?
what is the advantages of mini computers

What are small computers called?
Micro or mini computers, hand held computers, notebook computers....

Which companies produce mini desktop computers?
There are several companies that produce mini desktop computers. You can try Apple products or Mac Mini. There are some negative thoughts about mini desktop computers, so perhaps it should be checked out before a purchase is made.

How are Micro computers different from Mini computers?
They are many different things between Micro and mini computers Micro Computer support one user at the same time desktop computers PDA laptops these are called Micro computers or Carry Along computers Mini computers support many users at the same time powerful than micro and expensive

Is laptop a mini computer how?
A laptop itself is not considered a "mini computer". Mini computers are actually sold and titled as such. Most common "mini computers" are the ones that are both tablets and computers.

Where are minicomputers used?
Mini computers or netbooks are usually used when you're on the go or traveling. Basically mini computers can be used anywhere.

When where computers made?
The computer was invented by Charles Baggage in 1822. The first time computers were produced on a mass scale was in 1953 by IBM.

Three types of computer?
Mainframes, Mini-computers and Micro-computers.

Which computers are used to receive data from satellites?
mini and mainframe computers

How has animation developed since animations were first produced?
It is all done with computers now.

When was the first ThinkCentre M Series laptop produced?
The first ThinkCentre M Series Laptop was first produced in 2003 from the IBM series. The first series of computers were the S50, M50 and A50 series.

What has the author Charles A Jortberg written?
Charles A. Jortberg has written: 'The Mini Computers (Kids & Computers)' 'Big Machines' -- subject(s): Computers, Juvenile literature 'The first computers' -- subject(s): Computers, History, Juvenile literature 'The supercomputers' -- subject(s): Supercomputers, Computers, Juvenile literature

What style of car does Mini Cooper produce?
The Mini Cooper is a small compact car originally produced in Europe. It is produced by the Mini company, which specializes in small cars, including the Mini Cooper, Countryman, and Roadster.

What are loptops?
There mini computers that you can take around.

Where are mini computer used?
Minis are mainly used in banks nowadays. The computers you have at home (desktop, tower, etc.) are considered micro computers. Mini computers are typically larger and serve multiple people.

What company has the best mini laptop computers?
The best netbook computers (also known as mini laptop computers) come from both Dell and Acer. These are generally smaller and just made for surfing the internet.

Mainframe vs mini computers?
It depends a lot on the situation. If you are a big, multinational company, then go for a main-frame as the hub of the network. Then mini computers are used to monitor the main-frame, and are used by all employees. In a home, work or other situation mini computers are ideal.

Are personal computers micro computers or mini computers?
The phrase "personal computer" can be any computer that is intended for personal use literally at least. A PC can be classified as a micro, mini, or another form of computer specification.

Difference between mini computer and mainframe compuer?
Main Frame computers are designed to handle large corporations. Mini computers are designed for much smaller performance.

When was the IBM Thinkpad 60 first produced?
The Thinkpad line of laptop computers was produced by Lenovo but sold by IBM in the US. It was first released in February 2006. It has consistently received great reviews.

Users of mini computer in US?
Mini Computers Are The Most Common And Used By Households And Small Businesses

Where is micro computers used?
There are mainframe computers, mini computers and micro computers. Mainframes are large scale computers, (search IBM System/360) mini computer are smaller, a lot smaller than mainframes (search IBM AS/300) and minis are what's on your desktop like a DELL, HP, Sony, etc.

What was the first computers IBM's?
IBM's first computer that was not produced as a one off contract machine was the IBM 701 in 1953. They made 9.

What was the first mini made?
mini was made in the first mini sentre

What is the difference between mini computer and personal computers?
with mini computers you can carry them around to more places than a personal computer, but with a personal computer the internet usually works faster.

Difference Table between micro computers and mini computers and main frame and super computers?
micro computers can occupy physically a small amount of space compared to main frame and mini computer, as we all know for today that super computers are the most fastest high performance system and also has a largest memory.

What brand of mini desktop computers are the best to buy?
Mini desktop computers are a good way to keep a standard PC in a small space without resorting to a laptop. The most popular manufacturers of mini desktops include Zotac, Acer, and Shuttle.

Where can we buy mini pc's from?
If you are intent on buying desktop computers, rather than laptops, which would be nearly as efficient, then many online sites such as Newegg sell mini computers at fair prices.

What are the types of computer according to use?
The different types of Computers according to use are Personal Computers,Laptops,Super Computers,Mini Frame Computers,Palm PC's,etc,.

The disadvantages of mini computers?
Smaller computers mean smaller components, which may often be more expensive to manufacture.

Classification of computer according to capacity?
When classified according to capacity, the computers can be classified into five groups. The five groups includes the super computers, the large computers, the medium sized computers, the mini computers and the micro computers.

Are desktop computers produced in UK?
Desktop computers are produced in the UK at PC specialist and PC world and the PCO group are all manufacturers of high quality desktop computers and much more.

What are the three types of computers?
There are lots of types of computers: analog computers digital computers hybrid computers Mainframe Mini Micro System on a chip Business Scientific General purpose Supercomputer Embedded

Who use mini computer?
Small Companies and Firms that require multi users on same system, uses mini computers.

Where does mini computer is used?
mini computers of netbooks are usually used when you are on the go or traveling. basically minicomputers can be used anywhere.

What was the first mass-produced Personal Computer?
By my research the IBM 650 was the first mass produced computers with 2000 of the machines made. I don't know if you would class that as mass produced but that's what research tells me:) ___Another Answer: The first mass-produced personal computer was the Apple II Personal Computer, mass produced beginning in 1977. However, there were predecessors, see below.

Stages of information technology infrastructure evolution?
General-Purpose Main-frame and mini computers, Personal Computers , Client/Server networks, enterprise computers Cloud and Mobile Computers

Advantages of a minicomputer?
Mini computers are small and don't cost that much

What computer receive the frame?
mini computer/main frame computers

Where are mini frame computers used?
The definition of "Mini" and "Frame" computers in terms of processing power and speed etc. has changed over the years. "Main frame" computers are the largest and as of July 2012 some have several thousand central processing units, mini frame computers are smaller and therefore less powerful but are needed where "ordinary" desktops are insufficient such as handling large databases and heavy number crunching in various analysis jobs.

Suppose in a computer factory if there is 1 worker 80 computers are produced per week if there are 2 workers 150 computers are produced per week and if there are 3 workers 210 computers are prod?
This isn't a question..

How was the first cartoon animated before computers?
By hand using cels where an animated sequence was produced ; see related link below .

How many computers has dell made?
Dell has produced 400,000 PCs and 600,000 Notebook computers.

IBM series computers from 1956-1963?
The main series of computers that IBM produced in this timeframe was the 700 series of vacuum tube computers, but they began producing the 7000 series of transistorized computers in 1958. Also the first 700 series computers were produced before 1956 and the last discontinued in 1960. 701: 1952 702: 1953-1954 704: 1954-1960 705: 1954-1960 709: 1957-1960 7090: 1958-1969

What are some ads with music in them?
the dell one with the mini computers has the song Lollipop

Are IBM computers personal computers?
any PC built in the united states today is built under licensing specs first developed by IBM. IBM mass produced pcs before anybody Total utter nonsense! Many companies produced personal computers long before IBM did. IBM sold their entire line of PCs to the Chinese company Lenova and now wants nothing to do with personal computers.

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