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Overview of Membrane Technology and Benefits of Airrane Oxygen Uses in Korea

"Hyman" (2019-03-08)

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AIRRANE is a leading pioneer of innovative membrane technology for gas separation. From hollow fiber membrane production to the design, manufacturing and servicing of membrane modules and separation system, AIRRANE's ISO 9001&14001-cetified solution brings you the best of advanced membrane technology for gas separation.

AIRRANE for Oxygen:

Just as we cant breathe without oxygen, many industrial and engineering processes require high-concentration oxygen as an essential ingredient. There are, however, also a wide range of applications where lower concentration of oxygen is sufficient without the expensive costs and risk of managing high-concentration oxygen supply. Membrane technology thus presents a cost-effective and safe alternative to high-pressure oxygen cylinders by enabling on-site oxygen generation for a variety of facilities such as clinical uses and air conditioning.

Key Applications:

Fuel Efficiency Enhancement Oxyfuel Combustion


Clinical Oxygen Supply

Oxygen Chamber

Portable Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Dissolved Water for Fish Farm
Membrane for Oxygen

Easy installation with low set-up costs

Quick start-up: oxygen-enriched air is immediately provided upon start-up of the separator without any delay

Flexible application makes it an effective solution for a wide range of facilities from small oxygen generators to large boiler system

Minimal maintenance requirements Nitrogen Generation Membrane
Membrane Technology - Benefits:

Simple and Reliable Design

No auxiliary media (water, solvents, etc. If you loved this article so you would like to be given more info about an SEO Company is serious business. Your business is on the line here generously visit the internet site. ) required

Simple modular set-up without break-in period

Compact system with low space requirements
Flexible Application

Modular design allows easy expansion

Flexible positioning and integration with the main system

Easy to adjust purity
Economic Solution

Low installation costs

Low operational costs

Low maintenance requirements: time and costs saved
Improved Safety

No risks associated with handling gas cylinders

No chemicals required
Environmental Benefits

Separation at room temperature: low energy consumption

No phase change Anti-Static For DI Water System

No environmental emissions (no waste water or absorbent)
Gases which permeate faster and more are collected outside of the hollow fiber as permeates while gases which do not permeate so well and stay inside of the fiber until they reach the other end are separated out as retentates. Depending on the properties of the desired gas, either or both of permeates and retentates can be used.

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