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How Sex is a Source of Power to Massive Changes

Alannah Baltzell (2019-04-30)

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84okax335pl.jpgYou have probably heard that javmate sex sells. But what is unheard of that sex is a powerful source of emotion that is capable of driving us to accomplish great things easily.

Sexual desire is the strongest of all human emotions. A person driven by this emotion will go extreme length until the stage that he will develop willpower, persistence, imagination and even creative ability previously undiscovered. Many men have even stake their reputation or lives based on this emotion.

Having said so, we have to understand that emotion is just a stage of the mind and yet it is so powerful. If we can harness this energy to think and grow rich, there are three positive possibilities which we can harness.

They are the continuation of mankind, the preservation of health and lastly the ability to covert mediocrity to intelligence through the process of transmutation of this energy.

This means we divert the attention of emotional state of mind from physical expression towards another form of mental expression like to think and grow rich.

When we harness and direct this energy towards another form of outlet like to think and grow rich, this energy will still retain all its characteristics of being able to drive one to go to extreme length. This energy can be harness as a motivator for many endeavors including for the accumulation of wealth.

To transform this sexual energy or drive, we need to use our willpower to suppress the physical expression. The physical expression of this sexual energy is a natural trait which we are born with. We cannot eliminate it but we can divert its form of expression to think and grow rich.

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